How much money do Americans spend on vacation?

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How much money do Americans spend?

So this is a really rough estimate, but the average amount of money spent by an American household (according to Forbes magazine) is $43,395. The census bureau for 2000 said we have 105,480,101 household in the US. That would equal $4,577,308,982,895 (4.6 trillion) dollars a year total. This number (MORE)

How much money do Americans spend on movies?

How much money do Americans spend on Movies? well over $10 billion in 2009 ... but how many attend movies?..... an ever declining population in the wake of record ticket prices

How much money does the average American spend per day?

I'd reckon an average American would spend around $100.00 a day. There are 2.8 billion people that live on less than $2 a day. Maybethe "average American" that spends $100 a day needs to stop beingso selfish. A sweatshop worker only gets 6 dollars a day, and the averagesweatshop worker has about 5 (MORE)

How much money does the average American spend in their lifetime?

Around $2 700 000 if you work until you die. If you retire at 65 then around $2 025 000. These amounts don't include possible debt and inheritance from friends, family etc. and these amounts assume you spend every penny you make. . Open in Google Docs Viewer . Open link in new tab . Open link in (MORE)

How much money do Americans spend on chiropractic?

The amount of money that an American would spend on a particularchiropractic appointment completely depends on the chiropractorthat they go to. However, when looking at chiropractics and otherforms of alternative medicine, Americans spent $33.9 billionout-of-pocket on complementary and alternative m (MORE)

How much money do Americans spend annually on food?

it depends on your income, many Americans use food stamps while others use credit cards or straight cash. of course if your a doctor or real estate agent buying food is nothing and you problely buy healthy foods. if you work at macdonals or somewhere the chances are your not make much money, exspeca (MORE)

How much money do you spend on a cat?

The cost to adopt a cat from a shelter varies, but it usually notmore than 50 dollars. Litter boxes with lids cost around 30dollars, kitty litter costs around 8 dollars, and kitty found costsvary depending upon how much a person buys. Overall, the cost ofupkeep for a cat is not very substantial.

How much money did American teenagers spend in 2007?

America Teenagers in the year of 2007 spent very much since pervious of years. Many kids spend their money on useless things, things that they don't need. American Teenagers Spent about 1.5 million dollars in the year 2007.

What do American teenagers spend their money on?

Clothes, Shoes, Snacks(vending machines, fast food, gas stations, etc.), Movies, Parties, Fashion accessories. Anything they see that they want. They usually just spend it at one place unless they have a lot. but it hardly ever lasts longer than a week before the spend it again and then get more mon (MORE)

How much money do Americans spend on groceries?

Americans spend over $478 Billion per year on groceries. The average American spends over $100 per week on grocery store items. - ZOMG - ... US population = 311,597,917 (2011) $478,000,000,000 / 311,597,917 people / 365 days * 7 days per week = $29.42 per person per week $100 - $29.42 = (MORE)

How much money does the average American spend daily?

In my honest opinion, it depends on their money. If they are rich, well don't you think they would blow thousands a day? And folks who are poor, they are limited. It doesnt matter what people spend, that's their money problem.

How much money does Mexico spend?

There are two figures that answer your question: one is the federal budget, or the money the Mexican government spends. It would be of some US$229 billion (2009 est.) The other is the Gross Domestic Product, or the money spent on all products and services purchased in Mexico for a given year. It (MORE)

If you have to much money on Webkinz how can you spend it?

You can spend money by . . . . Buying stuff from the W Shop . Buying stuff from the Curio Shop . Buying clothes from the Kinzstyle Outlet . Take your pet to the Kinzville Academy . Buy new rooms in your house So basically, you buy stuff. You could have fun, play around with your money and u (MORE)

How much money do Americans spend on their dogs annually?

According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek (2007), Americans spend $45 million on the pets annually. An estimate quoted by Global Animal (2010) is that this amount is expected to increase to over $52 million over the next couple years. Since cats outnumber dogs (81 million cats and 72 million dogs :McWhinn (MORE)

How much money does the average American spend on Starbucks annually?

The average American does not spend money at Starbucks. The average cusomer of Starbucks (which is more like only 1/16th of the American cities population) who can AFFORD to purchase overpriced coffee from that enterprise usually buys about 3-5 Starbucks a week. So if you average $5 each time yo (MORE)

How much do athletes spend on vacation?

Well Peter Schmaltz. The amazing survivalist goes on vacation to his basement. Studys show that Pete spends about 5-15 hours daily on his Ps3. Which he then goes and pretends to be "sick"

How much did Michelle Obama spend on vacations?

First, be aware that it is a common tactic in politics (and both sides do it) to accuse the president or the first lady of being extravagant or wasting taxpayer dollars on costly items. However, all presidents and their wives do take vacations, and whenever they do, partisan media immediately accuse (MORE)

How do Americans spend their vacations?

Americans spend their vacations differently, the major factor being the money they have available. Americans with a tight budget usually travel within the state that they live in or try to stay in their city/town and have some fun there, taking advantage of special offers that places like museums so (MORE)

How much taxpayer money did Barack Obama spend on vacations?

This is a difficult question to answer, and one we are often asked-- there are some internet rumors that President Obama spent more money on vacations than any other president in the history of humanity. Those rumors are false and quite exaggerated (Michele Bachmann once claimed President Obama was (MORE)

How much of tax payer money did Laura bush spend on vacations compared to Michelle Obama?

Contrary to internet myths, the two have spent roughly the same amount. (They also had the same number of staff-members, contrary to another internet myth.) By the way, for generations, the public has been critical of First Ladies, accusing them of spending too much, being extravagant, and wasting t (MORE)