How much money do you earn in the Marine Corps?

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I'm assuming that if someone is asking this they are thinking of enlisting in the Marine Corps. Wise decision. The basic monthly pay for someone attending recruit trainig is 1203.90. This is for your first 4 months in any military service. After 4 months it goes up to 1301.40. This is assuming you come in as a Private and do not get any meritorious promotions in your contract or while in Recruit Training. All food, medical, dental and housing expenses are also paid for you. If you have no bills you can pocket the entire paycheck every month. A full version of the military pay tables is available online at If you are stationed overseas you will also be paid a Cost of living Allowance because it costs more to live overseas. All services pay is based off the same chart so the pay will be the same in any service. I hope this answers your question.
Go to to see the current pay chart. -Joe

In another words, you work harder in the US Marines for no more pay than the Army. The reasons for joining the Marines is thus not purely financial because if it were, you would not be joining the Marines.
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The US Military pay scales is applied across all of the services. It is based on the rank and the time in service for the member. Other factors include being married and spe