How much money do you spend on a new born baby for baby food?

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I spend like $5.34
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How much does baby food cost?

The cost of baby food for one month varies widely on different factors including: the age of your baby and his food needs, whether you are formula or breastfeeding, and whether your baby has allergies or a special diet. If you are formula feeding a 6-month-old, and just starting him on solid food (MORE)

How much money do single moms spend on a baby?

Answer . Well that depends on a few things. . 1. Is anyone going to help you such as a mother, grandmother or is the father or his family going to help?. 2. Are you willing to take hand me down stuff for your baby and buy stuff used or does everything have to be brand new?. 3. You have to bu (MORE)

How much does a new born baby weigh?

The average is about 7 pounds, but babies can weigh below and above that. so perhaps 6-10 pounds. well it may depend on God because he can do anything.

How much money do Americans spend annually on food?

it depends on your income, many Americans use food stamps while others use credit cards or straight cash. of course if your a doctor or real estate agent buying food is nothing and you problely buy healthy foods. if you work at macdonals or somewhere the chances are your not make much money, exspeca (MORE)

About how much money does a baby nurse make?

A professional Baby Nurse wouldn't ask nor work for less then $250.00 per 24hrs of care. Most Baby Nurse's with over 10 years of experience working with newborns will work for no less than $300.00 per 24 hours. Anything less you are not guaranteed a professional baby nurse. Yes this service is a bit (MORE)

What do you need for a new born baby?

You need diapers, breast milk or formula and a safe place to sleep. You also need ointments for diaper rash, baby wipes, cars eat etc. You find a list of what you need in the link below.

How much money do fast food corporations spend on advertising?

In 2012, the most recent year that data is available for, fast foodcorporations spent $4.6 billion in total on advertising, whichrepresents an 8% increase over how much was spent in 2009. Thistrend appears to be continuing, with more and more money beingspent each year. It has been noted that McDona (MORE)

How much do parents usually spend on baby toys?

The amount of money that parents spend on baby toys depends on theparent. Some parents are happy to spend a few dollars on each toy,others may go to the extreme and spend hundreds of dollars on toys.

How much money are baby guinea pigs?

it depends on where u get them the male guinea pigs are usally around $10 and the females are usally around $13 to $15 dollars good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. -MissVanessa3434

How do you congratulate on a new born baby?

well maybe you could give the parents a card, flowers, chocolates and stuff to congratulate THEM. Also, you could maybe give the baby toys, chloths and even money to go towards toys or collage you know? Hope I've been a BIG help.

How long does it take for a new born baby puppy to eat dog food?

A newborn puppy will be on it's mother for about the first 6 weeks. This helps to keep it's antibodies up until it has it's first vet visit. It can be started on pablum at about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Soaked puppy chow is added until about 6 weeks when the pablum is eliminated. The female is weaned sl (MORE)

How much money should be spent on new baby gift?

5o dollars It all depends on how much you want to spend on a baby gift and what kind of gift you'd like to give. You could spend a small amount on some baby clothing or a toy, or a larger amount on a bigger gift, I sent a friend a baby gift cake (nappy cake) which was full of nappies, baby clothes (MORE)

What do Sikhs do when a new baby is born?

They randomly open up the Guru Granth Sahib Ji and pick the firstletter on the top left-hand corner of the left page and choose anyname beginning with that letter as the name for the child.

Why do new born babies not sleep?

Well they should sleep all most all the time because when the baby is born it is so tired from coming out of the mother. If it doesn't sleep it probably have a problem i would ask the babie's or babies' docter that Because they will check on them and see how they are doing since birth. . Check for (MORE)

How much money does America spend on food?

the average American family spends about 234,398 dollars on food every year. The world population is currently at around 499,794,855 people. According to the latest census, the average family has 4 members. So, 499,794,855/4 = 124,948,714 families. So 234,893 x 124,948,714 = $29,349,578,277,602 Amer (MORE)

How big are new born babies?

Their sizes differ greatly due to many factors. Premature and/or multiple birth babies have been delivered successfully weighing only a few ounces and only a few inches long. Full term babies typically weigh in from 3 or 4 pounds to 9 or 10 pounds and anywhere from 12 to 24 inches long. Some babies (MORE)

How do you bath new born baby?

Here below are some easy tips to help you to learn how to bathe your newborn baby.. Prepare everything in advance. Necessary items are listed as follows : . - baby bath tub . - baby soap . - baby shampoo . - baby towel . - new clothes . - diaper . Turn off air condition; bathe your newborn (MORE)

How much money is a baby pig?

How much are you willing spend is the other question? Do you want a show pig, a pet, or one for food? I sell piglets for 20-30 dollars depending on color, and more for older pigs.

How much to spend on baby shower gift?

Spend only what you can afford. Don't extend your limit. Some ideas: A medium sized basket with baby powder; wipes; under shirts; etc., and then put into the basket and use a large piece of cellophane (you can buy this where you buy gift wrap at a drug store or card shop) and pull the cellophane (MORE)

How much money do baby models make?

The pay rates vary but most baby models are paid anywhere from $25-75 per hour. This could be much higher if the baby model is represented by an agency.

How much food can a baby eat?

I think that depend your age ANSWER: When it comes to knowing how much our baby can eat, only the mother can answer that. The doctor can but mother has this idea or sense how much a baby, or let call it infant first, with infant we can feed them solid baby food when they reach 3 months old, but (MORE)

How much money do schools spend on food?

for a class i am currently in, we are making an entire school from scratch. from what I've seen and what we are putting for our budget, i'd say around 90,000l

How do you get a new born baby to sleep?

Why does it always seen that a newborn baby wont sleep? well you could gently rock the baby either in your arms or a rocking chair. soft music could also lull them to sleep. another trick ive found helpful was put them in there bed, and let them cry for a little bit, after about 10 minutes they shou (MORE)

How much money does a restaurant spend on food?

Apart from the logistics,administrative and functional costs a restaurant spends between 45%-55% of its costs is on food & food processing including preservation/waste. The remaining costs are administrative costs,salaries,maintainance,stationary,sundry that make up 45%-55% of costs.

How much time does the baby eel spend with its parents?

None, or next to none. Fish as a rule aren't big on parenting. Most will simply lay and fertilize their eggs and then they're done. A select few will guard their eggs, but once the eggs hatch, the baby fish is on its own.

Who studies new born babies?

A doctor who devotes their time to the study of newborn babies and their needs and problems would be called a "neonatologist".

How much money do you spend on a baby per month?

How much a person, parent, or guardian spends on a baby per month depends on the baby(s) need(s), such as food and diapers, and how much they're willing to spend on clothes and toys. Food: If you're breastfeeding you're already saving money on baby food because making your own milk is free for t (MORE)

Is new born baby have Antibodies or not?

A newborn does not yet have a mature immune system and is often unable to mount an effective immune response. Newborns are generally protected by the antibodies they receive through the placenta before birth and through their mother's breastmilk after birth.

How much do teen moms spend on their baby per year?

A teen mom will spend as much as a regular mom. This is because of the baby's basic needs. I (mother of two) usually spend $15,000 a year on EACH child a year after I factor food, clothes, doctors, ect... There are ways to cut it down but I wouldn't think it would be less then $10,000 a year...

How much time does a baby koala spend in its mothers pouch?

Baby koalas, which are called joeys, stay in their mother's pouchfor several months, only beginning to venture out when they are 4-6months old. They remain with the mother until they are around 6-8months old, often clinging tightly to the mother's fur when theanimal is climbing trees or eating gum l (MORE)