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How much money does the US earn each year?

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How much does the president earn each year?

I'm not sure exactly how much but after the president serves his one or two terms he/she will most likely make more money after they are out of office compared to when they wh

How much money do people in Zimbabwe earn each year?

people in Zimbabwe earn 1p a day cause they are little scrubbas x what sort of stupid answer is that, if you cannt do it properly, don't do it at all. Answer is per capita

How much money does Kenya earn each year?

Kenya earns around £19188, 0000 a year. if you think about it 1 person earns 10p a week so 10 times the 52 weeks in the year times by the population of 36, 900,000 that comes

How much money does a chemist earn each year?

It would be good enough if a chemist can find a job! I encourage you to drop out chemistry major. Don't look at people who have a chemistry job and get paid 70-80K, that is fo