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How much does a US Congressman earn each year?

    The base salary for US Congressmen is $174,000 plus benefits, plus official expenses (such as for staff, travel, office equipment supplies, totaling around $1.5 mi

How much money does a neonatologist earn in a year?

1st answer: About 266,000 dollars a year on the low end 2nd answer: I have done lots of research, and the median salary for Neonatologists is about $215,000. A neonatologist f

How much money does a scientist earn a year?

Some scientists work for agencies doing measurements and gathering data. They might not make more than $30,000 per year. Other scientists work in labs and may make $30,000 to

How much money does an architect earn in a year?

As of 2009: The mean salary for a graduate with a Bachelor of Architecture degree is $41,012. The mean salary for a graduate with a Master of Architecture degree is $47,26

How much money does a Radiologist earn a year?

  Alot! My father is one. It is the 2nd highest paid type of Dr after Orthopedic Surgeon. It does depend somewhat on where you live but expect 200,000-750,000 for highs an

How much money does a model earn a year?

  Well, I am currently a model working for Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency and I receive at least $566,000.00 every two years (which doesnt even include promotions). 

How much money does a farmer earn in a year?

The amount of money a farmer earns in a year depends on several factors: the size of the farm, what the farmer is raising, how well the crops do (if he is raising crops), etc.

How much money is spent on the us military each year?

Back in the late 1980s it was between 500 to 600 billion and took a  signifcant drop in the late 1990's to below 500 and could be seen  in the 400 range during that time but