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How much money was paid for the first gold found in Australia?

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200 pounds.
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Who first found gold in Australia and when?

There is much conjecture about who was the first person to find  gold in Australia. It would be fair to say that perhaps we will  never actually know who was the first perso

Who found gold in Australia?

The indigenous people of Australia, known as the Aborigines, were  the first to find gold, but they had no use for it.    There is much conjecture about who was the fi

How much do Lawyers get paid in Australia?

OMG! I typed this question in on Google and thought it would give me an answer but looks like you need the answer too. Sorry i couldn't answer you question =( Answer number 2:

Where was gold found in Australia in 1850?

Gold was officially found in Australia in 1851, not 1850. It was first found at Ophir, near Bathurst, New South Wales. Within a few months, rich strikes were recorded at Balla

When was gold found in South Australia?

Although there were minor reports of gold earlier, the first official, reported discovery of gold in South Australia was in January 1846, near Castambul. The next major disc

How much gold was found in South Australia?

Many people think that no gold was found in South Australia, but this is not the case. Whilst it is true that the least amount of gold was found in South Australia, there are