How much money was there in the Great Depression?

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There was plenty of money around, however the ordinary people were restricted in earning it, and those who had it hung on to it and their property.
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What did people do for money during the great depression.?

Sold their possessions to get a little money and moved to other towns or states in desperate search of work. The movie Grapes of Wrath chronicles typical family struggles. The

How much money can you get for being depressed?

If you are so severely depressed that you are unable to work, you may qualify for disability payments, but that depends upon many things. This is too complex an issue to resol
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How much money did Al Capone make during the great depression?

$100 dollor a min at his peak. Seen a documentary on him thts wot thy say. Rembr he had it all locked off prohibition times wer gud for him an he didnt have much competition.
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How much money did the kids get paid during the Great Depression?

Little kids like newspaper boys got paid 2 cents a day for selling12 newspapers, literally 2 cents for selling 12 newspapers. Thatreally did not help their family out a lot. W