How much of a hang over do you need on both sides of the kitchen bar counter?

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I think 6 inches. If you plan to sit at the bar, then you would want up to two feet, so a person could sit comfortably at the bar.
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Why does the granite counter top feel so much cooler than the wood on top of the island in our kitchen even though both are room temperature?

Granite has a higher specific heat than wood, therefore it takes more energy to raise the temperature of granite than wood. Resting your hand on the counters allows heat from

How high should wall cabinets hang over the counter?

"The distance is dictated by local building code or personal preference (short people/tall people). A generally accepted number is 19 ½ inches.". This answer taken from th
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What height do wooden bar stools need to be if used at a kitchen counter?

The optimal kitchen counter height would be around 3 feet (36 inches). This is the designation for the comfort of the height and average sized people with. However for those w
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What can one find ideas on how to design a bar at their kitchen counter?

To gain some ideas on how to design a bar for their kitchen counter, one could firstly visit their friend's to see what they have done. One could also visit a few show rooms.
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Do you need two circuits for kitchen counter top receptacles?

It's highly recommended. If you have two appliances that consume 1100 watts each, like a microwave and a coffee machine, that's already 20 amps right there (assuming North