How much oxygen does a human need per average breath of air?

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In an average gasp of air, only 15-20% is oxygen. When you exhale you release around 10%. In short, 10% would be the ideal minimum.
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What is the average number of breaths per minute?

Average Respiratory Rates (Vf) By Age:   Newborns: 30-40 breaths per minute  Less Than 1 Year: 30-40 breaths per minute  1-3 Years: 23-35 breaths per minute  3-6 Years: (MORE)

Why don't plants need oxygen from the air?

Plants remove oxygen from carbon dioxide by photosynthesis. They release the oxygen back into the air and use the carbon for building new cells.
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Do crayfish need air to breathe?

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How many times does a normal human breath per minute?

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