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How much paper is used in the UK each year?

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2007 million tonnes of paper and cardboard is used in the united kingdom every year. Over 4kg of waste paper per household in the UK each week!
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How much paper does the US use in a year?

Total paper consumption in 1993 was 91.4 million tons; paper production was 86.6 million tons, with the difference made up by net imports. The economic value of paper industry

How much paper does one person use a year?

500,760 sheets of paper one person uses in a year. The average person that works in a office uses 904,375 sheets in one year.

How much paper money does the us treasury print in a year?

The amount printed varies widely from year to year, depending on the state of the economy. Production figures can be found at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing website, lin

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Let's assume the 'average' person drives 20 miles round trip to work each week, and another 30 miles for errands, etc. 20 x 5 = 100 miles for work + 30 for all else = 130 mi

How much money is spent on advertising each year in the US?

One Dec 2009 study by the U of M (The Moon Study page 14 par. 8) showed 86 Billion dollars that year where spent on advertising in the US.

How much money is spent on the us military each year?

Back in the late 1980s it was between 500 to 600 billion and took a  signifcant drop in the late 1990's to below 500 and could be seen  in the 400 range during that time but