How much potassium do you need daily?

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about 4,ooo mg
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How much water do cows need daily?

One cow needs between 25 and 50 gallons of water per day. The total amount of water for a herd of cows depends on how big that herd is, what stage of life they are at (lactation or gestation), diet, etc.

How much water do you need to drink daily?

About 2 litres (6 to 8 glasses) is a good minimum guideline; this increases depending on the climate temperatures, your body size, and how active you are. . 64 fluid ounces of water is generally accepted as the recommended daily intake for an adult, but this includes all the water you consume in (MORE)

How much potassium needed in diet?

The daily requirement of potassium is about five grams. Potassiumis an essential ingredient of all the living cells. Whethervegetarian or nonvegetarian, there are plenty of potassium richfoods, such as fruits, vegetables and fish that will suit any diet.

How many mg of potassium do you need daily?

You need a different amount of potassium each day depending on your age and gender. In general, the following applies: Infants . 0-6mths - 500mg . 7-12mths - 700mg . Children . 1-3yrs - 1400mg . 4-8yrs - 1600mg . 9-18yrs - 2000mg . Adults . 19-50yrs - 2000mg . Pregnant and Lac (MORE)

How much potassium should a person have daily?

The average adult should consume a minimum of 2000 milligrams ofpotassium daily. Foods that can help with the intake includebananas, white beans, baked potatoes and dark leafy greens.

How much is needed on a daily basis?

The average person's caloric intake need varies by their personalexercise and activity routines in addition to their metabolism. Thegeneral average is 2000 calories, based on a median, semi-activelifestyle of an average person.

How much potassium should you eat daily?

The average adult should have a minimum of 2000mg-3000mg of potassium per day. This can be achieved through the natural consumption of certain kinds of foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. There are circumstances where potassium is readily lost and needs to be replenished in excess of the mini (MORE)

What is the maximum daily amount of potassium?

Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) : 3500 milligrams On a blood test from a lab, they report on a single unit scale, and most adults need between 2 to 5 on the test. If you have numbers above that, you may experience heart problems. Most minerals can be quite harmful if done to excess.

How much water is needed on a daily bases?

A alrge amount of water does come naturally through the foods we eat. However, a person should be drinking at least 64 fl. ounces of water (glasses or bottles of water) a day.

Daily potassium requirement?

The daily potassium requirement for an adult is 4,700 mg per day.Loss potassium levels can lead to weakness, muscle cramps, andheart problems.

What is the daily recommended potassium intake?

Based of 2000kcal diet the RDI for Potassium is 4700mg.The best sources for Potassium are almonds(728mg) and bananas(358mg) . One date provides around 5% of the the RDA. Potassium is also found in seeds, herbs and beans.

How much protein do people need daily?

The amount of protein that you need depends on stuff like your age, size and how much excersise you do. There is a mathematical problem for it and if you like to use your body weight in pounds then you would multiply your body weight times .37 so if you weight 150 pounds then you would need 55 grams (MORE)

How much potassium does one need?

Depends if you're from Kazahkstan or not. If not, you won't need that much.. Hope that Helps! CobyGrey He's right in that it depends on your lifestyle. If you drink a descent amount of water each day, you will not need as much potassium as someone who drinks soda all the time. If you use (MORE)

How much calcium do children need daily?

It depends how young your child is. I'm currently doing coursework on the subject so this site really helped me out. It highlights all the daily requirements. Just select an age group

How much does a child need of fiber daily?

Ages 1-3 : 19 grams per day. Ages 4-8 : 25 grams per day. Boys 9-13 : 31 grams per day. Girls 9-13 : 26 grams per day. Boys 14-19 : 38 grams per day. Girls 14 - 19 : 26 grams per day. Note : I found these answers at. ''

How much water do radishes need daily?

This depends on the weather. When it is hot they will need more than usual, and if it rains they wont need any. So song as the soil is moist they will be fine.

How much cabohydrates does people need daily?

An active healthy adult needs around 2000-2500 calories per day. People who are involved in heavy physical activity like construction workers or weight lifters would require more calories to keep them going.

How much protein does the body need daily?

It depends on the individual's age, size, and activity level. However as a general rule, if you measure your body weight in kgs multiply it by .8 and if you measure your body weight in lbs, multiply it by .37. This would be your daily minimum..

How much fluoride is needed daily?

The FDA has not set an RDA for fluoride. In fact, according to many sources, they have never actually approved its use. That has to do with fluoride being in use before the FDA was formed in 1938. Unfortunately, its use was in rat poison. Today, there is much debate concerning fluoride and its sa (MORE)

How much vitamins do you need daily?

It all depends on how active you are and your age. Generally speaking everyone should take a good multi vitamin daily. This at the very least covers the basics to keep the body running effectually. People who are more physical need more specific supplements for the activity they do. A health care sp (MORE)

How much feed does a 12.2 hand horse need daily?

This will depend on the individual horse. Some horses for one reason or another will need more or less food than others of his size. The type and quality of his feed is just as important as how much. As long as your horse is healthy and worm free and his teeth are in good condition I would try 1 to (MORE)

How much hay does a horse need daily?

This can vary greatly depending on the horse's size, health and metabolism. But as an average, an adult quarter horse will eat 2 to 4 flakes of hay a day. If he has a large pasture it can be less.

How much milk does a calf need daily?

A calf on its mother will commonly consume around 20% of its bodyweight in milk per day. Calves raised on the bottle or pail arealways traditionally fed around half that, 10% per day, or 4 to 8quarts per day, exact quarts fed depending on the calf's bodyweight.

How much water do you need to drink on a daily basis?

You have probably heard the myth that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. In reality, you need about 8 cups of fluid (or 2 litres) a day. Some of that fluid will come from the water in your food, such as fruits and vegetables. Some will also come from milk, fruit juice and vegetable juice. S (MORE)

How much protEIn does a man need daily?

If a man is relatively sedentary i.e. does not exercise regulary, then about 50g of protein is sufficient. However, if the man is relatively active or weight lifts often, then protein uptake should be increased, up to about 0.7-1 gram of protein per lb of body mass.

How much potassium does a 12-year-old boy need?

According to "health in motion .com" , a 4-8 yr old would need 3800mg of potasium daily. A9-13 yr old would need 4500mg qd. There is also a list of foods (& how much of each) containing potasium and how much in them.

How much water do layer chickens need daily?

Daily water intake by a chicken is variable depending on season, ambient temperature, age, weight and even the breed of chicken. A good rule of thumb would be a half liter of water per bird per 24 hour period but all other factors would influence the need and they could consume more. Layers need mor (MORE)

How much water does one horse needed daily?

I have heard two different things. One said that they drink anywhere from 5 to 10 gallons a day. Another said they drink about 2% of their body weight a day. I don't know personally because my horses drink out of a pond. Supposing that you, like most people, feed your horses at least 2xs a day, I wo (MORE)

How much phosphorus do you need daily?

As an adult, 750mg a day unless pregnant or lactacting, or 9-18 years, 1250 mg a day, infants and children 100-500 mg a day, take with calcium for best absorption.

How much fat needed in daily?

The government recommends 70g of fat per day for women and 95g for men. People who are trying to lose weight should still aim to consume 20 per cent of their total daily calories. But all this is from the 'good fats'.

How much attention do guinea pigs need daily?

guinea pigs need to be checked on at least 3 times a day, needs to get out of the cage and play with its owner at least 2 times a day, and feed it at least 4 times a day. take care of your guinea pig ;D