How much precipitation does the Arctic get?

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10cm. each year
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How much precipitation does a swamp get?

there is usually 2 inches a year just in precipitation in a swampland area. to my calculations there are many different swamps around the world. mostly they have that amount of precipitation.

How much does an Arctic fox weigh?

The Arctic Fox weighs between 6-18lbs depending largly on how much food it eats over the winter. Between 2 to 9kg which is 5 to 20lbs Artic Fox can weight up to 6.5-21 lbs. 9-12 pounds 9-12 pounds It is actually 6-18 pounds. Between 2 to 9kg which is 5 to 20lbs

How much horsepower does a Arctic Cat Prowler have?

You don't specify which model of Prowler. I did run across this on the UTV guide website:\nThe 2009 Arctic Cat Prowler XTZ 1000 side by side was introduced to dealers at the 2008 Arctic Cat Dealer Expo in Thief River Falls, birthplace of Arctic Cat. Arctic Cat claims 188 ft. lb. at the crankshaft. (MORE)

How much yearly precipitation does Kansas have?

Kansas has broad variations in precipitation, with the amount steadily decreasing from the east to the west. Most eastern - more than 36 inches Mid portion - 20 to 28 inches Most western portion - less than 20 inches Source:

How much precipitation does the Amazon rainforest receive?

Rainforests are subject to heavy rainfall, at least 80 inches (2,000 mm), and in some areas over 430 inches (10,920 mm) of rain each year. This is the AVERAGE rainforest, I'm not entirely sure whether or not it also pertains to the Amazon.

How much rainfall in arctic?

There isn't much rainfall in the arctic, about 6 to 10 inches a year including melted snow. Some of the worlds greatest desert get more rainfall than that. Much of the arctic has rain and fog in the summer. Even though there is very low rainfall the arctic lands can be very wet underfoot because the (MORE)

How much horsepower does an arctic cat have?

how much horsepower an arctic cat can have is just pending on the type of sled you got, like my sled is a 2008 arctic cat crossfire 1000 and its displacement is 999cc, 2-stroke, 162hp so its all pending on the type of sled that your riding or wanting to buy..

How much precipitation in antarctica?

Because Antarctica is a polar region -- a polar desert, in fact --there is no precipitation, it has no lakes or rivers and is in factthe driest continent. Average temperatures in the Antarctic interior get down to -70degrees Celsius during the winter months and -35 degrees Celsius inthe warmer month (MORE)

How much does the arctic ocean weigh?

YOU THINK I KNOW HOW MUCH AN OCEAN WEIGHS!!!! Ok. It weighs alot. LIKE A LOT!!! I mean who tried putting the ocean on a scale!? serioulsy! these people are nuts. Now for the real answer. It weighs over 500 tons. Hope this helps!

How much precipitation does Antarctica get a year?

Because Antarctica is a polar desert region, there is virtually noprecipitation, it has no lakes or rivers and is in fact the driestcontinent. The interior of Antarctica is considered the world'sdriest desert because the extreme cold freezes water vapour out ofthe air. . Annual snowfall on the pol (MORE)

How much precipitation is there in high pressure?

Depends on the situation. In most cases, high pressure means little or no precipitation. However, sometimes afternoon heating can cause stray thunderstorms to develop even under high pressure. There's also an "overrunning" factor in which low pressure or a trough in the upper atmosphere can cause wa (MORE)

How much precipitation does desserts gets?

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How much ice is left in the Arctic?

In March 2010, the total Arctic sea ice volume was 20,300 km3 - the lowest March value for total sea ice volume over the 1979-2009 period.

How much precipitation does Kentucky get each yea?

Well, it depends what area your talking about.Most of Kentucky gets about 32-48 inches of rain. But the southwest and mid-south get about 80 inches. Her's a map, but its kinda hard to read... Hope I was help-Katybug

How much precipitation does a dessert get a year?

The answer is unknown as most desserts don't last for more than a week, let alone a year, save for fruitcake. If rum is considered a type of precipitation, then it might get up to around an inch of "rum rain" depending on who makes it.

How much does an Arctic fox as a pet cost?

I've done much research, and found many breeders that sell many different fox species, including artic. Roughly, artics come out to being in the $600 area, as they are so desireable. But please, before you consider buying one, do research on the animal as a pet. Study their behaviors, and learn the (MORE)

How much precipitation does china get?

You might as well ask how much precipitation the earth gets, because it's nearly the same range. Parts of the Gobi Desert average less than an inch of precipitation, while parts in the southeast and in Himalayan Valleys impacted by the monsoon receive well over 100 inches. In general, there's quite (MORE)

How much of the precipitation returns to the ocean?

All of it eventually returns, but if it goes into the groundwater system it may take hundreds of thousands of years. Otherwise, it generally either evaporates or runs in to rivers that take it to the ocean within a matter of days or weeks, if it falls deep in a continent.

How much horsepower does an arctic cat 500 have?

It would all depend on the model such as zr, zl, z,firecat, or the new sno pros. Typically zl and zr will have about the same horsepower which will be around 80-100, a z will have much higher horsepower but much less speed, it will have around 100 at a mid to low. A firecat will depend on the year, (MORE)

How much precipitation does Antarctica have?

Antarctica's average humidity is about five percent. For acontinent which is the size of USA and Mexico combined, this makesAntarctica a desert. On the northern coasts, there may be as muchas eight inches of precipitation per year, and elsewhere,precipitation is negligible.

How much precipitation is produced to be considered a tornado?

Tornadoes do not produce precipitation and they typically form in the rain free portion of their parent storms. A tornado is defined a a violently rotating column of air in contact with the ground and the cloud base of a thunderstorm. So as long as it meets this definition and has winds strong eno (MORE)

How much precipitation does a desert receive?

Each desert has its own weather statistics. However, a desert isdefined as a region that receives less than 10 inches (250 mm) ofrain on average per year. Some deserts receive virtually norainfall.

How much precipitation falls in the desert?

Every desert has its own precipitation statistics. However, a desert is defined as a region that receives less than 10 inches (250 mm) of precipitation per year on average.

How much snow is there in Antarctica compared to Arctic?

The Arctic is a sea bed: Antarctica is a continent, and a desert with less than five percent humidity. Snow in the Arctic collects on sea ice or melts when it falls into the Arctic Ocean. There is no snow in Antarctica, rather ice crystals that blow in the constant wind.

How much precipitation during a tornado?

Tornadoes form during severe thunderstorms called supercells, whichoften produce heavy rain and sometimes large hail. The tornadoitself often develops in a rain-free part of the storm, but mayalso be shrouded in heavy rain. Rainfall rates can exceed an inchper hour.