How much refund do you get for three children in California on your taxes?

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Depends on many things...especially how much was paid in and other deduction income considerations.....thats why a reutrn needs to be filed.
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How much can trustee take of tax refund in chapter 7?

Answer . This Q has been pushed around a lot here...and this is what I've pieced together:. It depends...a bit on which circuit court your in and how they feel...and expecia

How much do I need to make to get a tax refund of 18000.00?

It's not important how much you make, its important how much you had withheld from your paycheck.. The refund that you get from the IRS is just all of the money that was with

How much will your tax refund be if you get married?

That depends on what your and your spouse's income is, the source(s) of that income, whether or not you have children, what tax adjustments, deductions, and credits you are en

How much can you earn to get a full refund from taxes?

That's impossible to say. It depends on your deductions, exemptions (dependents), what credits you are eligible for (EIC, child tax credit, additional child tax credit, sav

If you made 32500 this year how much will you get back from tax refund?

It all depends on how many exemptions you much you paid into taxes, how many deductions you have and whether or not you qualify for any tax credits. You can go to H

How much can a single mother receive in her tax refund?

The amount one pays as income tax depends on their TAXABLE income. It is a percentage of that income. The exact percentage used depends on the level of that income. Taxable
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How much can you estimate to get on your tax refund?

You are the only one that has all of the necessary information that will have to be reported on your income tax return for the year in order to do the calculation for the numb
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How much will your tax refund be if you have made 37000?

Somewhere between $37,000 and -$37,000, most likely. It depends on a lot more factors than just how much you made. Like,for instance, how much you paid IN already. It's at le
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How can you check your tax refund status if i can't remember how much my exact refund was?

If you used a tax service, you can usually call them and they will have your records. If you used a tax software on your own computer, it should also be in those records. If y