How much risperdal does it take you to get high?

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Risperdal, the brand name for the anti-psychotic Risperidone, is not a drug with any recreational potential. It will not cause any euphoria (it's actually more likely to cause the opposite, dysphoria). It will make you drowsy in higher doses but not in a pleasant way like other depressants such Alcohol, GHB or Benzodiazepines. All in all, there is no reason to try and get high off it as it will only fail or even land you in the hospital.
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Is it safe to take Prozac Depakote and Risperdal together?

I have both epilepsy and a type of autism called Asperger'sSyndrome. For the epilepsy I take the 500mg depakote. I also takethe 1mg risperdal pill for controlling my attitude and help preventanxiety. Taking both together gives me no problems with theminteracting together. Another medication I'm on f (MORE)

Is it safe for your daughter to take Concerta 18mg and Risperdal together if she has ADHD and autistic disorder?

\n. \n Safe to use Concerta 18 and Risperdal \n. \nYes it is safe. My younger brother has ADHD and Asperger's Sydrome and he takes Concerta and Risperdal every morning. I would still recommend asking your doctor if it is safe for HER to use, as medications have different effects on different p (MORE)

How much weed does it take to get high?

It takes as much as you feel you need. I usually have a hard time finding pot, so one of my favorite ways to smoke is with my pipe, taking small hits, holding for several seconds and exhaling slowly (like the pros). The effect is sensational and can take less than half a bowl. On the other hand, som (MORE)

How much Prozac do you have to take to get high?

Don't be stupid. You don't get high off of Prozac--it is not a serotonin-dumper like ecstasy. It merely helps your brain absorb more serotonin IF you have a disorder (depression, OCD) which causes your brain not to absorb enough serotonin. If you take too many in a quest to get high, you will probab (MORE)

Why take risperdal at bedtime?

One side effect is drowsiness. does risperdal drugs make you sleep ,like zopiclone does You can save money on a prescription. Shop around at as many pharmacies as possible. Don't forget to include online pharmacies in your search, as they often have the best prices, and you can save a lot of money (MORE)

Can you take Adderall instead of risperdal?

Answer:. I don't know your current situation, and I'm no doctor, but I can tell you one thing, if you are prescribed Risperdal, one of the worst things you can take is Adderall.. Risperdal is used as one of the many anti-psychotics sometimes prescribed to patients who are addicted to amphetamies s (MORE)

Is it safe for alzheimer pt to take risperdal?

Elderly patients with dementia Overall mortality Elderly patients with dementia treated with atypical antipsychotics have an increased mortality compared to placebo in a meta-analysis of 17 controlled trials of atypical antipsychotics, including RISPERDAL. In placebo-controlled trials with RISPER (MORE)

Can risperdal get you high?

Risperdal or Resperidone is an atypical anti psychotic. To get right to the heart of the question, sure it can get you buzzed, but high like snorting coke or the like, no not really. Yet since it is used to control many aspects of ADHD, such as Ritalin which many people and youth abuse for highs (MORE)

Can you take Effexor and risperdal together?

Yes, you can. I am on both currently. However, I am on a low dose of risperdal, and my dose can go even lower as my Doctor explained. This combination has helped me curb great negativity and withdrawal from people. It also reduced my constant obsessing over unnecessary details in everyday life. Good (MORE)

How much marijuana does it take to get high?

That depends on several factors, namely what strain of cannabis it is, your tolerance, personal physiology and experience. Some of the most potent hydroponic cannabis strains contain upwards of 20% THC (the main active ingredient in cannabis). These cannabis strains and of such potency are rare thou (MORE)

How much does it take to get high off hydrocodone?

The amount of hydrocodone needed to induce euphoria is highly dependent on tolerance: opioid naive individuals may very well need only one or two 5mg pills, whereas a very opioid-tolerant person may need hundreds of milligrams. This can also vary to a lesser extent based on other factors of individu (MORE)

How much citalopram does it take to get you high?

Citalopram (Celexa) will not get you high. It's a long-acting SSRI, and does not produce an acute pleasurable/euphoric reaction. If you take citalopram in quantity, however, you might start to feel the effects of serotonin syndrome, which is rather unpleasant. Try coffee instead. Better ye (MORE)

How much m357 should you take to get high?

m357 is generic vicodin (hydocodone) 7.5mg and either 500 or 750mg of acetemenophin. depends on body weight but 1-2 tablets should be noticeable and any more than 5 and you may expirience nausea and liver damage due to the acetemenophin

Can snorting risperdal get you high?

Of course not, it's an anti-psychotic, it will not get you high atall. But if you wanna try for yourself, do it like 1mg or 2mg,you'll be disappointed...

How much amoxicillin does it take to get you high?

Are you serious? Amoxicillin is an antibiotic, it has absolutely no recreational drug potential, and will probably make you sick, and have explosive diarrhea or worse if taken in inappropriate dosages. It is made to kill germs and if you overdose, you could end up like the germs.

How much Xanax does it take to get high?

Xanax(Alprazolam) often causes amnesia and disinhibition in moderate to high doses. While we normally might get bizarre ideas normal during daily life, our brain then tells us it's not a good idea and we act according to it. But Alprazolam can takeaway this inhibition and actually make you act out o (MORE)

Can you take NyQuill if on risperdal?

Yes, you can take NyQuill while taking Risperdal. The drugs to avoid while taking Risperdal are:. Risperdal may decrease the effects of levodopa and other dopamine agonists . Carbamazepine and clozapine may reduce the effect of Risperdal . Risperdal increases the effects of blood-pressure lowerin (MORE)

How much codiene does it take to get high?

That depends on several factors, most importantly, body weight and tolerance. If you use opioids/opiates regularly, you will need a higher dose to obtain the desired effects due to tolerance. For a non-tolerant person, the dose would be between 50 and 200mg. However, as said, the doses needed to obt (MORE)

What happens when you stop taking risperdal?

absolutely nothing. No personality or behavioral change at all. But I was able to live without the side effects. no nausea. no dizzyness. no constant passing out. In other words, life got so much better without it.

Can you take Tylenol pm and risperdal together?

No, you cannot take two sedating medications together. If you are having pain which is keeping you up at night, you need to call your doctor and find out what to do. Overdosing on sedating drugs can cause confusion and trouble breathing. You might pass out.

How much Valium to take to get high?

Well first of all, don't snort them. It's pretty harsh and I snorted 4 and they do not get you high like that. If you are taking Valium for a medical purpose, and are taking it normally, your dosage will NOT get you high. I just want to advise, not to snort it, it just doesn't work. Don't take more (MORE)

How much Ambien does it take to get high?

the whole bottle . That is idiotic. Ambien is a SLEEPING medication. The properties of this medication make it difficult to get a "high" from it. Most likely you will go into cardiac arrest or coma state if you take a great deal of this medication. It does have the side effect in a certain number of (MORE)

How do you know how much nutmeg to take to get high?

You must take about 20 grams of nutmeg for the high. I advise you to put it in milk or water and chug it so you don't taste it. You may gag from the taste but after you chug it, drink a glass of water and you'll be fine. The best time to take it is before bed. When you wake up, you will feel it. Its (MORE)

How much robitussin cf do you take to get high?

Depending on how intense you want the DXM effects to be. It has 4 plateus. If you have 15 mg robitussin then 250- 400 MG will get you drunk/high feeling. Itll make noises/ sights more intense. You can take up to 900 MG. The 4th plateu, 750-900 MG of it, it will get you: out of your body- in a cartoo (MORE)

How much trazodone do you take to get high?

Trazodone doesn't get you high. In my experience, i have taken 50 mg's of trazodone without eating and i didn't notice anything great. I took another 50 mg's a different day after eating and it put me right to sleep. Trazodone is an ssri that is also used off label as a sleep aid. Your out of luck m (MORE)

Can you take an ssri while on risperdal?

Yes, of course. It is actually a great idea if you suffer both by psychosis and depression. Be careful though, that if you take risperdal for mania (bipolar disorder), the SSRI may trigger mania. That has nothing to do with co-administration, it's just the nature of SSRIs.

How much risperdal to get high?

Don't even try . these drugs are dangerous to take abused. If you feel like your prescribed dose is not working contact your health provider. If you want to get "high" its suggested that you get a card for medicinal marijuana if you live in one of the many states that have legalized it . conditions (MORE)

How much Vyvanse should you take to get high?

2 friends and I bought a pill each of vyvanse, specifically for that reason, and they did it at school, took one pill each. like 10 seconds later after my 90 pound friend took it, she was high. same thing with my 200 pound friend. and me, 120 pounds, just took one this morning. and feel nothing. ma (MORE)

How much bath salts does it take to get high?

I just took some about 8 hrs ago. I didn't mean to take any. A so called friend had some in a water bottle with water, he said there was only enough to cover his finger nail. But I still can't eat or sleep! I want to hurt him. My girlfriend thinks im doing it. But I'm not. I recommend you to stay aw (MORE)

How much liquid NyQuil does it take to get you high?

At WikiAnswers we will not reply to questions intended to encourage recreational drug abuse. Each body and brain varies with their effects from chemical compositions, and what may be safe for one person can be injurious or fatal to another.

Is it ok to take winstrol while taking Risperdal?

I would NOT recommend that you use AAS at al! People with known mental disorders or that prown to depression or mania will risk their problems to blow up in huge proportions! AAS is not something that should be taken with great care. If you have had depressions in life even without AAS, you can be s (MORE)

Can you take Seroquell and Risperdal together?

My pdoc already gave me i think it was 25mg seroquel plus the 3mg risperdal, it was for releasing anxiety and it helped me sleep, so yes I think there is no problem combining the two.

How much guaifenesin does it take to get you high?

Guaifenesin will not get you high, it does not have psychoactive effects. Please don't take them to get high, you'll likely end up sober and in a medical emergency. Guaifenesin is what's known as an expectorant and is used to help clear mucus from your lungs.

How much Ibuprofen can you take to get high?

Ibuprofen will not ever make you feel high, no matter how much you take. If you take a whole bunch of ibuprofen, you will likely only end up with a bad liver. Then any hospital will deny you a liver transplant, and you could die a very slow and painful death over a few months or years.

Can you take risperdal and have cdl?

Risperdal is one of the medications which will require a more in-depth look into the history of the medication and its use. Taking the medication itself won't disqualify you from a CDL, but the underlying cause or condition which requires you to take that medication might.