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How much should a man pay in child support if he makes 30000 a year?

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Generally, child support is based on a percentage of net income, which increases with each additional child (e.g., 1 child = 20%; 2 = 25%, etc.).
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Can a 14 year old be ordered to pay child support?

I know for a fact in the United States NO! 14 isn't even an adult! - - - - - Once paternity is established child support can be ordered, even if the parent is a minor. How

Can a man not pay child support if he is on SSI and SSDI?

  Answer   legally yes. if a parent is on ssi or ssdi and does not have a job he or she will not have to pay child support.

If you make 30000 a year what is your hourly pay?

  Assuming a 52 week year:     $30,000/52 weeks in a year = $576.92/ week     Assuming a 40 hour work week:     $576.92/40 hours = $14.42/ hour

How much child support will you have to pay in Indiana?

Child s support in Indiana is determined by several factors: To determine the appropriate child support award:The weekly gross income is calculated for each parent. Weekly gr

Does a man have to pay child support for a child that is not his?

You would think the answer would be no, but there are many men in the U.S. who have been ordered to pay child support for children that aren't biologically theirs. For example

How much will child support be for you to pay for one child in Florida?

Both parents' net income is added together and the basic child support obligation is determined using the chart found in the Florida Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. There

How much does a father have to pay in child support?

In the US, in general, child support is a percentage of net income. In Illinois, for example, it's 20% of net income for one child, 25% for two, etc. Income is almost anythi

Can a legally married man have to pay child support?

If you are married to the mother, no. Then you share everything naturally. But if you have a child and you are separated or not married to the mother, and you do not have cust

What is the gross pay if you make 30000 a year?

The 30000 amount would be your gross pay if that is your gross pay for the year. The amount after all of the the required amounts that your employer is required to withhold fo
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How much child support do fathers pay?

In general (for both fathers and mothers), child support is a percentage of net income. In Illinois, for example, it's 20% of net income for one child, 25% for two, etc. Incom

How much income tax should you get back if you made 30000 this year?

If you are single, NOT a dependent, dont have any dependents, then it would go something like the following.... Pleas note that this calculation is assuming that the $30000 ar