How much the girls from the bad girls club get paid?

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I heard that they get a weekly stipend of about $400, so basically for the whole show they get about $3200.
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How can you be a bad girls club?

If you go to the Oxygen website, casting and audition information is posted on a regular basis. . That is right, you have to audition to be in the bad girls club.

Is the bad girls club bad?

yes the bad girls club is bad because if you actually look at bad girls club like me then you would know and they just don't care what they do,that's how bad they are. and all

How crazy is the bad girls club?

Well there is a reason this is rated PG-13 they cruse a LOT, fight, sabotage each others clothes and other items, they drink then get drunk, and a lot of sexual action happens

Is bad girls club real?

Yes. Bad Girls Club is real. On the website before the people are picked and the show is aired. People audition for a spot on the show. Thats why on the beginning of the seaso