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How much to get a new toilet installed?

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Between $285 to $1,000 plus tax, depending on what your toilet costs plus parts.  Home Depot has toilets that start at $135 and go up to $492 plus tax. Custom toilets may cost more.  Labor is about 1 - 2 hours depending on whether or not it is an easy installation. The plumber/handyman may run into glitches which will cost more.
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Install a toilet?

Changing toilet. You shut off the valve on the inlet pipe then flush the toilet. Now sponge the remaining water out of tank and bowl. Get an old towel to put under back of to

How do you install a toilet?

Assuming you have the plumbing in place, floor flange and supply line. You will need a wax ring to seal it to the floor flange. Install the two bolts on either side of the fla

What is the average price a plumber charges to install a new toilet?

Toilets are available in a wide variety of styles. Installationprocedures are generally consistent. A new toilet Installation maybe part of a complete bathroom renovation or a

How much should you pay to install a toilet?

Depends on whether you already purchased it and whether other parts are needed. If you have the toilet, a Kant leak, a wax seal,FLEXIBLE toilet supply, and the (nuts,bolts and

How much to install a toilet?

To re and re a toilet is less than one hours work. So, one hour of whatever your local plumbers charge.

How much would it cost to install a toilet?

It's less than 1 hour labour in most cases. -That's what I'd expect to pay.

How do you install toilet?

I assume you have a floor flange in place or are replacing an existing toilet. The floor flange is what the toilet bolts to that holds it down to the floor. Some older houses

How much water do you save if installed a dual flush or new low water toilet?

Compared to a 30 year old toilet? An amazing amount (I just installed two such toilets, replacing 30-year-old models). These are dual flush, and in the low flush mode - perfec

How do you install a new flap on toilet?

Most of them are held in place by two pegs on either side of the overflow tube. If there are no pegs, get a flapper with the ring at the hinge point and it slides down over th
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How does one install a new toilet seat?

To install a new toilet seat, first you must remove the old one. One of the tools needed to do this is typically a flat screwdriver. Pop open the plastic coverings and unscrew