How much water and vinger to use removing marijuana?

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No known thing in the universe can remove it from your system. It can only be covered up temporarily.
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How do you remove marijuana from the blood stream?

There are certain kits you can buy that will help remove drugs from your blood stream. Or, you can wait for around 2 weeks. Or, if you are getting a blood test for drugs done, you can drink enormous amounts of water and hope it throws them off track. Pray that they don't consider it a failed t (MORE)

Is 700.00 too much for water pump removal and replacement?

yes especially when you can do it yourself. i did mine on a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee and believe me im not mechanically inclined at all. just do the research online and you will find the instruction on how to do it step by step. you also may need a special tool to do the job placed like oriellys wil (MORE)

For a heavy marijuana smoker how much water does it take to clear weed out your system?

It's not how much water you drink rather how much water you pee out before you take your urinalysis. If you have to take a pee test I'd wait at least three days after the last time you smoked. Please note that if you are a heavy user and they take a hair sample it will show your long time use regard (MORE)

How much water does it take to clean marijuana out system?

Drink as much water as possible, about 14 bottles(16.0 oz) a day, i know it sounds ewww for those who dont like to drink water, but as long as you pee your bladder out, its cleaning out the THC TOXINS little by little, if u calculate in one monthe we pee about 124-130 times, so try to pee 124-130 ti (MORE)

Why is water good for marijuana removal?

Excess water intake will "flush the system" to a degree. The body will be dumping water if it is taken in by large measure. But this also "sucks out" electrolytes and other things. Certainly traces of metabolytes from the processing of drugs by the body will be flushed out more quickly with more wat (MORE)

When food is pickled for human consumption as much water as possible is removed from the food What method is used to achieve this dehydrating effect?

Oodles of salt! Try it for yourself: grate or slice a cucumber or courgette, place in a colander which you place inside a bowl or deep plate. Watch and be amazed how much water comes out! Incidentally, this will crisp up your cucumber and it will remove the bitterness from your courgette. So, back (MORE)

After quitting frequent marijuana use why do i dream so much?

you dream so much because the chemicals in your body create this form of cells that are really excitied from the THC causing you to dream a lot.. you dream so much because the chemicals in your body create this form of cells that are really excitied from the THC causing you to dream a lot.. Source (MORE)

How much money will you get charged for using marijuana?

First of all you don't get charged fur using, You get charged for having. Now that being said if your using you probably have around a gram so depending in which state Your in its around 3 to 4 hundred dollar's fine with possible probation, community service, and or rehab. O and the charge its self (MORE)

What kind of water do you use to remove stains?

Water is not a good stain-remover, you need chemicals or cleaners.. However, if you really need to, carbonated water should do the trick better than regular water. It will not remove the stain completely though.

How much water does a 9 inch marijuana plant need?

Truth is not much. i usually tend to spritz with water once a day [moring and late afternoon] Cannabis Sativa tends to over water easy.But 1 cup of water how ever much you think will be enough to reach the roots at the baootom like i said spritz it daily with water once it starts budding reduce this (MORE)

How much does marijuana cost to use?

it depends on your dealer ... the grade/quality and how much u get around where i am from u can get enough for a blunt for $10 a quarter for $25-60 and an once for like $120-$160 and OS on ....

How could you remove the THC from marijuana?

y would u want to do that????? The most effective method involves the use of cold solvent extraction technology. Essentially you would place the material in a stainless vessel, vaccum out all the air, flood the vessel with liquid propane and N2. The THC will be bound and captured in the slurry. Once (MORE)

Does the brand of vinger effect how much gas it creates?

I assume we are talking about the reaction between vinegar and baking soda (or other carbonates) in which the acetic acid of vinegar causes the release of CO2 gas from carbionates. The "strength" of common grocery vinegar is typically 5% acetic acid, so there is little difference between common v (MORE)

Can drinking to much vinger hurt you?

Yes drinking too much vinger can hurt because the Acid in the vinger burns away your stomach skin . That is correct, but one teaspoonful in a galss of water before meals is OK. NEVER drink it straight.

Does NIACIN remove marijuana from body?

Yes, and no. It's not going to remove it from the body overnight like a magic cure, I use it to help pass drug tests. It helps your circulatory system get rid of toxins, so you have to drink alot of water and take a couple with breakfast and dinner, try to start this at least 3 days before your drug (MORE)

Effectiveness of using water to remove stains?

I found out by experience after we had a reverse osmosis water purifier installed, that plain water and regular ivory soap could remove most of the stains I encountered on synthetic carpet and it allows detergents to clean more using less detergent. If you've ever showered in that type of purified w (MORE)

Method use to remove chalk from water?

Chalk is calcium carbonate, which is insoluble in water. Hence, it can easily be removed by filteration.. Moreover, calcium carbonate has reverse solubility in water, i.e. its solubility reduces with increase in temperature. Thus, the solution may be heated and then filtered.

How do you clean hardwood with water and vinger?

well you get a bucket then you put hot water in that bucket, then you add some vinegar then you get a mop head and a stick to attach the two parts till you have a full mop then you mix the water and vinger in the bucket together put a little vinger not a hole bunch in less really dirty then you dunk (MORE)

Why water cannot used to removed paints?

Water can be used to remove latex-based enamel before it dries. Attempting to use water to remove wet, oil-based paint will have little effect. In either case, paint is not designed to be water-soluble after drying, and caustic solvents are needed to break down the chemical bond that holds the pain (MORE)

How much water you use to water a garden?

The real point is to water regularly. It is usually best for watering in the early morning. There tends to be less wind, more water pressure and minimal evaporation. Watering at night could lead to disease and fungus in the turf. In Spring and Fall when nighttime temperatures are cool, evening (MORE)

How much water does a baby marijuana plant need?

it depends on the size of the planter and what kind of growing medium, does the planter drain well ,is the plant indoors or outdoors you have to make sure the soil stays evenly moist at the first two to three inches if the plant is still small because thats where most of your root system is gonna be (MORE)

How much Marijuana does people use?

If your talking About the total in the world at least once look it up. If it's regular use do the same. Although stay away from any sponsored link or above the influence or fox news related or drug free programs because they often give a misleading percentage to deceive teens into thinking 1%of the (MORE)

How much marijuana does the average smoker uses?

That's a hard number to come up with exactly for many reasons. Of all the different degrees of smoking weed. from once a year to month to weekly to daily..... to the once before bed smoker, the smoke all day smoker, to the heavy heavy smoker (smokin upwards of 20 joints a day) Where does the average (MORE)

How much water to drink to pass a urine test for marijuana?

I dont believe there is a set amount of water that is needed to drink for THC to be flushed from your system, but THC can stay in the body for up to 28 days depending on how heavy of a smoker you are. I suggest to stop smoking for about 2 weeks if you are a moderate smoker or a month before the urin (MORE)

What are some of the things you could use to remove marijuana from your blood?

Well you will most likely need to go to the hospital, but you shouldn't ever have a reason to remove it from your blood and if you attempt it yourself you could infect the area which it was drawn from, infect your blood, or injure yourself in the process. But if you're stupid enough to try go for go (MORE)

How much water can you add without removing fish?

as long as its treated as many as you want just as long as your adding meaning doing a partial water change not a full water change. but to keep it on the safe side never change more than half the tanks water at a time.

How much water and vinegar do you need to test clean from marijuana?

vinegar and water do nothing to clean converted THC out of your system. maybe massive amounts of water will do it in a couple of weeks but THC is stored in your fat cells lots of exercise.......ready clean ...........fake pee........cessation from smoking for 30 days

Does dialysis remove marijuana from your system?

No. Dialysis removes excess water from the blood. Water is a lighter particle than THC. Therefore, very little, if any, THC would be removed from the bloodstream during dialysis. Also, THC metabolites are stored in lipid (fat) cells. Dialysis would have no effect on the levels of stored THC metab (MORE)

What removes marijuana from the human body?

Drinking Lots Of Water\Crandberry juice. You can Also work oUt Alot For You Swet. There Is Also A Pill You Can Buy Thats Like 50 Dallors that Makes It For You Past A Drug Text.. Stay High Niggeh, ^-^

How you remove marijuana from your system?

Most often the best thing to do is to stop putting it in your body completely . In most cases, the body is able to rid itself of the drug with natural processes, and there are special medications and programs for getting rid of an unhaelthy addiction.

How often should oxygen be used and how much water should one drink to remove fluid from the lungs?

This is a two part question: . 1. How often should oxygen be used. Home oxygen therapy is used for patients unable to maintain an oxygen saturation over 88%. It is also used for people who have sleep apnea but do not need or tolerate CPAP therapy. If you are prescribed oxygen for sleep apnea, you o (MORE)