How much water can a kitchen sponge hold?

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1 cup 1 c.
it is 1 cup or 1 c.
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What is the green sponge at the bottom of arrangements that hold water?

It is called an oasis. This product is shipped dry and holds an amazing amount of water. It was developed in the 1950's for florists who, before that time, had used the glass

How many times its weight in water will a sponge hold?

it depends on the sponge. different sponges have different masses, sizes, and different amounts of space bettween each atom. and because they are grown, we cant control exactl
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How much water does a kitchen sponge absorb?

Depends on the size of the sponge, if you weighed it dry then put it in water and absorbed as much water and possible and then quickly weighed it trying to lose as little wate