How much water could an aqueduct carry?

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An Aqueduct could carry about 1,000,000 gallons of water
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How much water can a camel carry?

About 900lbs . (That's about 100 gallons) -My camels drank up to 130 liters at the most. This water gets stored in the blood stream (diluting the blood) after (just after the

What does an aqueduct carry?

An Aqueduct was originally designed by the Egyptians, Harappans and nearly perfected shortly after by the Romans to convey __ water__ from a source to a convenient or more

Who could go to the Roman aqueducts?

An aqueduct was not something a person "went to"; it was a water moving system. Loosely you could consider the people who used the water as those who went to an aqueduct. Thes