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How much water do you put in the compost pile?

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You need to put in just enough water so that the compost pile has the consistency of a wrung out sponge. The moisture level needs to favor the growth and working of beneficial, decomposer microorganisms. Too moist a pile encourages rampant fungal problems, and too dry won't allow the compostable materials to break down properly.
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How much water do you put in an earthworm compost?

  Moisture needs to be at 60-85%. Compostable material shouldn't be soggy or sopping wet. A 21"x15"x16" container could hold a week's worth of newspapers and 3-5 lbs of ki

Can you put potato peelings into a compost pile?

Yes , you may put potato peelings into a compost pile. What you don't want to put there are dairy products, greasy or oil foods, and meat products. Those three groups are the

What do you put in the compost pile?

Generally, it's kitchen scraps and yard waste that go into the compost pile. Kitchen scraps tend to include many items other than dairy products, greasy or oily foods, and

Is it better to recycle cardboard or put it in your compost pile?

Definatly recycle it where you can, and with things that you can't or don't want to recycle put those into the compost (like shredded private documents, cardboard that has bee

Can you put a cigar on a compost pile?

Yes , a cigar can goin a compost pile. Specifically, the tobacco product isquestion is high in carbon. It therefore may be included as one ofthe carbon-rich, energizing brown

What should not be put in a compost pile?

Items that are larger than the hand, contain fat or grease or oil or seeds, do not break down within a year, harbor contamination or diseases, have color-printing or toxins, a

Can you put pasta in a compost pile?

Yes, pasta can be put in a compost pile. The food in question must not be contaminated, mixed with dairy products or meats, or soaked in greases or oils. Despite these prescri

Should you put cat manure in a compost pile?

No, cat manure must not be put in a compost pile. The mammal in question (Felis catus) numbers among the world's carnivores. The waste products from an obligate meat-eater's d

What can you put on your compost pile to break it down faster?

Compost additives, boosters, and starters are items which can be put on a pile to make compostables break down faster. The process of composting centers upon energy flows thro