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How much weight can a single axle utility trailer carry?

That depends on the axle configuration. If it a closed tandem typically 17,000. If it is a spread axle 20,000. If it is a single axle (Front of a Semi) typically 12,000. T (MORE)

How much weight can your dodge 3500 carry with a 20000 gooseneck trailer.?

Your Dodge is rated to carry 2000#, therefore you have to adjust the load accordingly if you have the leeway to do so ie. loading a 15000# machine on the trailer you can move (MORE)

How much weight can a five axle tractor trailer carry?

For interstate travel in the US without requiring oversize permits, the gross weight is 80,000 lbs. What that translates to in cargo weight depends on the vehicle's tare (empt (MORE)
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Where can one purchase Gooseneck trailers?

Gooseneck trailers can be purchased either directly from the producers (bigtextrailers, gatormade, load trail) or from retailers that can be found on the internet or locally. (MORE)
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What is a gooseneck trailer hitch?

A "gooseneck" refers to an inverted hook shape, such that the hitch goes up from the trailer and then back down to the truck hitch, allowing it to pivot more than 90 degrees t (MORE)