How much will be taken out of your paycheck in Nevada if you claim 1?

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You NEVER do have any deductions for federal taxes or other items from your net take home paycheck when it is issued to you. The net amount that is on the paycheck that you have in your hand is your net pay for the pay period after all of the federal taxes and other necessary withholding amounts have been withheld from your gross earnings by your employer payroll department.
You should get the information from your employer payroll department if you really need to know the correct numbers or amount that should be deducted from your gross earnings not from your paycheck.
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When you have your net take home paycheck in your hand you do NOT have any thing taken out of your net take home paycheck or withheld from your net take home paycheck. You d

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You do not have any set percentage amount for this purpose. You employer payroll department may be able to give you an amount that they are required to withhold from your gros