How much will iPhone 5 cost in Philippines?

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how much the 16gb of iphone 5
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How much does an unlocked iPhone cost?

i saw it's only US$140.00 in, Dual SIM card, dual standby, Quad Band, once i bought another phone in that store, it works great, you may have a look !

How much does an iPhone cost in Canada?

The iPhone has not officially been released in Canada yet. However, you can buy unlocked ones for use on Rogers or Fido for approximately $550 for an 8GB model.

How much does an iPhone cost in Singapore?

Well, a week ago, I'd gone to Mustafa shopping mall. It's cost was about S$430. Not sure if it was the latest. But ya, a model of iPhone costs around that much there.

How much does internet cost on iphone?

Consumer Accounts (i.e.: accounts that the individual is financially liable for): Unlimited internet + 200 SMS = $20/month Unlimited internet + 1500 SMS = $30/month Unlimited internet + unlimited SMS = $40/month For corporate accounts, (i.e.: those account that the company is financially l (MORE)

How much does the iPhone 4 cost?

The 16GB iPhone 4 is 199 with the 2-year contract. Just by itself, you have a 699 dollar charge to your finances. the 32gb is 299 dollars and 799 without the 2 year contract.

How much does iPhone 3gs cost?

.) it cost 1 dolller and people who are in at& t get it for 1 dolller spint does not have it. because it to old for a iphone that came out in 2011

How much does the iPhone cost for prepaid?

an iphone usally costs about 900 and higher. it depends which shop u go 2. dont pay that much legally unlocked iphone 3GS 32GB from the uk $240+ $30 in shipping

How much will a 64GB iPhone cost?

Unfortunately, a 64GB iPhone does not currently exist. They only make 8, 16, and 32GB versions. The 8GB would be a normal iPhone 3G, while the two larger ones would be 3GS models. As for pricing, the 8GB version costs $99, the 16GB costs $199, and the 32GB costs $299. The only place they proba (MORE)

How much does iPhone 4g cost?

The fourth iPhone costs $199 with at&t's 2 year contract and $500 without. and also it's depend in what contry are u livein'in.. for exsample in israel it will cost without contract allmost 3000 Sekel. and Europe it's cost without contract likely between 350-500 euro , in Finland it cost 500Euro.

How much does an iPhone 4 cost?

The 16GB iPhone 4 is 199 with the 2-year contract. Just by itself, you have a 699 dollar charge to your finances. the 32gb is 299 dollars and 799 without the 2 year contract. You can get an iPhone 4 for $199 for 16GB of Memory or $299 with 32 GB of memory with a contract or you can buy one without c (MORE)

How much does a iPhone 4 cost?

The Iphone 4 can cost up to $50 because I have a two year plan. I got to upgrade a year early because I bought a phone early a year ago.

How much does a iPhone 3gs cost?

It costs however much you want to pay for it. But you have to invent it first. The iPhone, however, costs $99 with a new contract or eligible upgrade.

How much does a iPhone charger cost?

About $30. 30USD is for original iPhone charger from Apple. there are many kinds of universal charger in some online store. they are very cheap but good quality. cost 2 to 3 USD.

How much does iPhone 5 cost?

When you first buy an iPhone 5, and your other contract ended or you have no previous contract. The iPhone 5 will cost the following: 16 GB = $199.99 32 GB = $299.99 64 GB = $399.99 Depending on which GB version you that is how it costs. On the other hand, if you happen to lose an iPhon (MORE)

How much will a iphone 5 cost 32GB?

We do not know how much the iPhone 5 will cost. It will probably vary based on the provider and your service plan. Judging by the average price of iPhones at their initial release it may cost 700-800 US dollars for one without a service plan.

How much does it cost to repair a iPhone?

For screen repair Apple charges $109 (plus tax) to fix a brokeniPhone 6 screen and $129 (plus tax) to fix a broken iPhone 6plus/5s/5c/5 screen. If you purchased AppleCare+ ($99 for twoyears) for your device, you'll only have to pay $79 for a screenrepair. For other repair details you can check outap (MORE)

How much does the iPhone 5 cost?

In the US it is available for $199 for 16GB version and $299 for 32GB version Prices are available only of on-contract iPhone 5. Apple will disclose contract-free version prices later on this year. Approximately in British pounds my estimate £650 then the i phone will be £100 cheaper USD $7 (MORE)

How much does an iphone cost at at and t?

the device itself varies from 199.99 to 399.99 depending of the size in GB of storage the plan can vary anywhere upwards of $70 depending on how much data, how many minutes, and how many texts you want

How much does an average iPhone cost?

The price of an iPhone varies with which specific phone you want and can change depending upon any deals your phone's carrier may have. The price ranges everywhere from $300 to over $700.

How much does an iPhone 4S cost?

Usually around 4 to 5 hundred dollars (not including monthly payment for Internet or games). contract prices $199 16GB, $299 32GB, $399 64GB

How much does the iPhone 4S cost?

$199 2-Year Contract, $649 month to month. The cost a month is $30 or more. The minimum is 30. about £400 An iPhone 4S today costs around $200 for a 16gb unless you sign up for an service contract that will reduce the cost of your phone while providing you with the services you need to use your (MORE)

How much do Iphone chargers cost?

A genuine iPhone charger can cost between £15 ($25 USD) and £30($50 USD), depending on certain factors. An unofficial charger can cost between £4 ($7 USD) and £10 ($16USD). But beware that using unofficial products on your Appledevice will void the warranty.

How much will an iPhone 5 cost in Bangkok?

An Apple iPhone 5 will cost about 23,000 baht. This roughly translates to about $750.00 in US dollars. This estimate is for the 16 gigabyte version of the iPhone 5. The 64 gigabyte version of the Apple iPhone would be about 27,000 baht, or about $950.00 US dollars.

How much will the iPhone 5 cost in the Philippines?

Here are the estimated prices of the unlocked versions of the iPhone 5: SMART iPhone 5: 16GB - ~Php33,200 32GB - ~Php38,200 64GB - ~Php43,200 GLOBE iPhone 5: 16GB - ~Php37,000 32GB - ~Php43,000 64GB - ~Php49,000 According to , the iPhone 5 might arrive by October, (MORE)

How much will iPhone 5 cost in Italy?

The iPhone is listed to go on sale in Italy at 949 Euros, or $1,226. This is much higher than the estimated $924 price in the U.S. Much of this difference is due to the 21% taxes applied in Italy.

How much does an iPhone 5S cost?

The cost of an iPhone 5S vaies from $199.00 to $849.00 and depends on how many GB the phone is and whether you sign a contract with a service plan or choose a contract free plan. The plans with no contract are more expensive. For more information, visit the Related Link. On contract (going wit (MORE)

How much does an iPhone 5 cost in Taiwan?

According to the website Engadget, an Iphone5 starts at about $850 at retailers in Taiwan. Although the United States have started sales of the Iphone 5 much earlier, Taiwan only started selling the new Apple device at the end of 2012.

What is the cost of an iPhone 5?

The cost of an iPhone 5 depends largely on the service plan it is attached with. The phone itself may only be 200 dollars, but the service plan may cost an additional 500 dollars.

How much does the iPhone 5 cost monthly?

You will need to give more information than that to get an answer,for there are hundreds of carriers woldwide that sell the iPhone,and every one of those carriers has dozens of plans and combos tochoose from, so editing this question and at least mentioning yourcarrier and monthly data you would lik (MORE)