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How much would a World War 2 Ration Coupon Booklet be worth today?

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What products did World War 2 ration books have coupons for?

Answer   OK some of the products were stockings, shoes, food ( eggs,sugar,coffee,meats)and gas. That's about all i know   In Great Britain everything was rationed be

Are World War 2 ration stamps worth anything?

They are of limited value, as there were so many of them created  and distributed. A few dollars is the most people are willing to  pay for a book.

How much margarine was rationed during World War 2?

None! Margarine wasn't purchased by the government during World War 2, thanks mostly to lobbyists in the butter industry. So it wasn't subject to rationing, which made it chea

How much was a ration of bread in World War 2?

You need to specify a country and a time. There's a widespread misconception that specific goods were simply either rationed or not rationed and that the amount(s) allowed the

How much is a pre World War 2 5 Cinq Francs worth today?

You do not mention whether its a coin or a bill. In either case, the answer depends on its condition. The more like new, the higher the value. If it was circulated, used in