How much would it cost for a month's supply of disposable diapers for 3 month old babies?

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In a day ,considering you change your babies diapers 5 times a day ,you would require around 150 diapers a month.A good brand like pampers would cost you anywhere bw 40-45 $ a month.
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How much does it cost to buy food and diapers for a baby?

Answer jar food cost about 35 cents and jar and formula :powder cost 12 dollars a can and 4 dollars a can for concentrated, the ready to feed can is about 6 to 7 dollars and diapers cost anywhere from 12to 20 dollars depending on the different brands.

How much does a box of baby diapers cost?

Disposable diapers...... when purchased in bulk bags or boxes, 15to 40 cents each (US or Canadian funds) depending on size (thereare up to 7 different sizes), retailer and brand. Cloth diapers....... typically a diaper service will supply aweeks-worth of cloth diapers, washed and delivered to the h (MORE)

How much does a diaper bag cost?

you can get them for $20-30 dollars at walmart or target, but nice ones can be $50-150. I spent $90 on my a few months ago. if money is a hardship, most doctor offices or hospitals actually GIVE you one before or after you deliver...depending on doctor or hospital (for example, I got an enfamil one (MORE)

How much do babies cost per month?

You can't look at baby costs by the month. Once you make the commitment to have a baby you need to realize that it is going to last 18 years.. The cost of items will vary depending on where you live. In order to help you plan your budget, you should think of such things as these:. infant formula ( (MORE)

How much does it cost for a 6 month old baby to be How much does it cost for a 6 month old to be circumcised?

\nCircumcision is not covered by health insurance as it is not a medically necessary procedure so you will have to pay for the full cost yourself out of pocket. Circumcision with general anesthesia, which is required for the circumcision of a six month old, should cost between $2000 and $3000. This (MORE)

How much do baby diapers cost for one year?

It depends on the brand, but I was looking it up for a project and babies go through a pack of diapers a week on average. So the answer I got is it costs $2340 for a yearly supply of diapers.

How much does a year's supply of baby bottles cost?

Are you talking about the bottles themselves? Or the formula that is needed to feed the baby? If you are meaning the formula, it would depend on what type and what brand. If you are able to breastfeed, then the milk will cost you nothing. If you have to use infant formula, then it can cost nearly (MORE)

How would a month's worth of baby formula cost?

It depends on how much formula your baby or babies eat! I had twins and went through a can of formula every couple of days. It could've been really expensive if we went with the name brands, which cost somewhere around $25-$30 a can. Instead, we went the less expensive route and chose the Store Bran (MORE)

How much would backpacking in Australia cost for 3 months?

All up i spent 5,000 pound in about 3 months. That was including all my food, drinks, accomodation (i stayed in cheap hostels in shared dorm rooms) and trips / activities. Plus I had to pay for my flights on top of this which cost a thousand.

How much does it cost for 200 diapers?

Well that would depend on your location, the store you are shopping in, the brand of the diapers, whether you have any coupons or if there is a special or sale. Generally 40-60 dollars US.

Grammar - 3 month's time or 3 months time?

Just to be awkward, I rather think it should be 3 months' time. Months are not in possession of time !!!! I believe it would be "3 months time". Answer above is correct in that months cannot be in possession of time; however, "3 months' time" would still be giving the word "months" possession.

How much will it cost to diaper a baby for a year?

Prices of diapers vary significantly.. Well you figure a newborn baby can go through about 10 diapers a day. So about 300 a month and 3600 a year. Average jumbo box of Pampers or Huggies Diapers comes with about 100. (more for youngers babies, less as they grow). And one of those boxes cost about 1 (MORE)

How much does a 6 month old baby?

The youngest 6 months old Nyle stands as the youngest millionairebaby as Nyle Shahid Tsar is just 6 months old where Shahid FarukTsar's the father of the baby has his eldest daughter as RoxanneShahid Tsar heading all the companies of Shahid Faruk Tsar withTsar's loyal lawywe H.D. Harrison. Nyle is g (MORE)

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How much does a 3 month baby weigh?

U.s department of health official weight for a 3 month year-old baby ; about the weight of the piece that mike Tyson bit off holyfield's ear

Which disposable diapers are best for babies?

No one disposable diaper will ever be 'best' over any other brand. Disposable diapers are meant to be worn once until the child has "used" the diaper, or until the parent sees the need that the child be taken out of the diaper, or for other reasons. Each brand of disposable diaper has differences; w (MORE)

How much does circumcision cost for a 6 month old baby in Florida?

We are born the way we are ment to be. If you are a good parent, then you will let your son decide himself when he becomes of age what he want to do. If there are medical issues at hand as in very tight foreskin, then a doctor can perform an incision to relieve this a bit. More than that would be (MORE)

How much does it cost for a year supply of baby bottles?

I seem to remember one bottle lasting about six months. As long as you changed the nipples. Taking that into account- 12 Months / 6 Months = 2. That's 2 bottles a year. The average person in America lives to be about 80 years old. That's 2 bottles a year x 80 years = 160 bottles. Now we f (MORE)

How much should a 3 month old human baby weigh?

It varies from person to person. If the baby was born on time and not early or too late then i think it is about 10 lbs. My children were all that weight, except my youngest but she was a premie and has health problems. But like i said it varies.

How much does baby formula cost for a month?

From 3-6 Months,your infant is entirely dependent on Formula.Hence the consumption would be max..on an average a good branded formula would cost anything bw 18-22 $ per can.So you would be requiring around 10 such cans for the month ( Based on personal experience),this may change depending on an inf (MORE)

What is the average cost of a month's worth of formula for a 6-month old baby who is bottle-fed?

It really depends on which brands of products you choose to use. If you go with the national name brands, it's going to cost a whole lot more than if you choose your store brands. I don't know what exact prices are anymore, but if you can get to a Walmart, their brand, Parent's Choice is an excellen (MORE)

What does babies do at 3 months old?

They are not in the toddler stage yet, so they probably won't crawl. But at 3 months they start developing facial expressions like their parents'. At three months they are still small, be careful! if they fall from small distances like off the couch it will die. even if it falls on a pillow! Or some (MORE)

What is the average cost of a months worth of baby food for a 6 month old baby?

Obviously you know that babies are a extremely joyful part of life, and make you feel special, but it is also obviously known that these babies are not cheap! At 6 months old, most babies will have started eating solids, instead of liquids, as of breast milk or formula. At this age, at least you can (MORE)

Can 3 months baby wear diaper?

Yes. Babies can wear them from when they are born for a few years,so they would definitely be wearing them at 3 months old.

How much will diapers cost monthly?

Diaper costs are higher with a newborn, because they got through8-10 diapers a day. As they get older, they will go through about4-5 a day. Expect to spend around $50-75 a month on diapers.Ordering in bulk online and buying store brand names will save youmore money.

How much does a diaper genie cost?

Between $20-$40 depending on where you buy it and which brand you buy. However, I would save your money. I bought 3 over the last 30 years, but with a few months we were using them like any other diaper pail (i.e. not buying the expensive plastic sleeves that you twist). Just by a diaper pail.

How much does 1 years supply of diapers cost?

It depends on the type of diaper (i.e. premium, mid-cost, or storebrand) and how often you change them. (i.e. if your the kind ofparent who changes them as soon as even the least amount of urineshows up, or if you wait until they actually use the diaper).However, according to Parents magazine, the a (MORE)

How many diapers baby use in a month?

This is not an exact science, but a newborn might go through 8 - 10a day whereas an older baby or child might use 5 - 6. Multiplied,on the high side is 180 -300 or 240 - 150.