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How mush money was there in the Great Depression?

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Nobody had money during the Great Depression (this is wrong)
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Where did all the money go during the Great Depression?

During the roaring twenties several loans were handed out to farmers who could never pay them back. The farmers could never pay the money back due to over-production, manageme

How did people make money during the Great Depression?

During the Great Depression, my grandfather was a small town sheriff. When many were out of work, he had a job. The same is true for teachers. When he had the cash, others did

Why did people lose their money during the Great Depression?

  people lost their jobs because of stock market crash. everyone bought stocks before but after the great depression the stocks crashed and people lost all of their inters

What did people do for money during the great depression.?

Sold their possessions to get a little money and moved to other towns or states in desperate search of work. The movie Grapes of Wrath chronicles typical family struggles. The