How often should a 4 wheel drive fluid flush be done on a rear differential?

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Generally every 30000 miles unless you have synthetic fluid, and the transfer case as well.
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Where do you put in the rear differential fluid?

The rear differential fluid goes directly into the rear differential. There is normally an inset plug that has a square drive on it that accepts a 3/8" ratchet or ratchet extension. Remove this plug. If fluid comes out, you do not need to add any. If no fluid comes out, add enough of the fluid recom (MORE)

How do you change the transmission fluid in a 4 wheel drive 97 Ford Explorer?

Answer . \nFirst, you need to purchase a transmission filter and gasket kit and about 5 quarts of Mercon V transmission fluid. Make sure you get the right gasket, there are two transmissions for a 1997 Explorer. (one has 16 bolts for the pan and one has 18) Place an oil pan and a lot of newspaper (MORE)

How often should the transmission fluid be flushed?

First, check with any and all car manufacturers. You may be surprised that "flushing" is not recommended; or if it is, it will be at around 150,000 miles. And the so-called flushing has many detractors, many who say there is a good chance of engine destruction because of the flushing process. Consi (MORE)

What type of transmission fluid is in a 1999 Cherokee Sport 4 wheel drive?

If you don't have an owners manual, try this... Answer The drain plug on the bottom says D2, which I assume stands for dexron 2. But being its not made anymore, you can use the current version of dexron 2 instead. You could also use ATF + 3, which is made by the makers of dexron... up to you, ne (MORE)

Why and how often should a car have an all wheel alignment done?

Wheel alaignment frequency . If you are noticing any uneven wear on outer edges or center of tread even though you have been diligent in keeping air pressures correct and have not hit a curb with any force or found a mega pothole. Also good idea before purchasing any new set of tires

Can you replace front tires only on a all time 4 wheel drive quad trac Jeep Cherokee Will a difference in diameter between front and rear tires damage the transfer case and or differential?

Can you as in are you able to? Yes if a tire shop will take the risk of doing it. Is it recommended? NO. I have personally seen this cause transfer case issues in Chrysler vehicles. The rule most will follow on this is that there can not be any more than 3/32" tread depth difference between any two (MORE)

What is the preload on the pinion bearing and the backlash on the crownwheel and pinion inside the rear differential of a 1997 ford explorer 4 wheel drive?

Preload for pinion bearing . The shim between the inner bearing and the pinion is critical and ifit's lost you need special tools to set the pinion depth. replace thebearings and seal with an new crush sleeve thighten the pinion nutuntil the sleeve crushes and you can't move the pinion up and dow (MORE)

How often should you get rear differential service on your car?

When I did this at firestone the most common intervals were 30,60,90k, etc... Answer Your best best is to check out your owner manual for any type of service schedule, but if you can't find it go to and enter in your make/model/year. They have a service schedule that's pretty good, (MORE)

Is a Chevy S10 2WD 4-cylinder 2.2L front or rear wheel drive?

More than likely, if it is a pickup. the vehicle is rear wheel drive. Two ways you can determine: (1) Look under the hood, if the engine does not sit "sideways", it is rear wheel drive; (2) look under the vehicle from behind, if you see a differential hump between the rear wheels, it is rear wheel d (MORE)

Why won't my 1996 gm front differential engage in 4 wheel drive?

There is an electric solenoid that engages the front axle. Most likely that is what is bad. The unscrew out of the front axle and its a pretty easy fix. When you get it out, there are 2 wires on it, 1 pos and 1 neg. You can hook it up to a battery to test it.

If Prius 2007 need a brake fluid change when should it be done and how often?

If, as you say, it needs doing then it should be done as soon as possible. Brake fluid seldom needs changing though it does degenerate over time, mainly by absorbing moisture. The precise detail will be in your manual. The fluid reservoir needs checking topping up occasionally and certainly will (MORE)

How do you replace the rear wheel bearings on a 1996 gmc jimmy 4 wheel drive?

-Raise and support the vehicle. -Remove rear wheels and disc brakes or drums . -Drain differential oil. Remove differential cover. -In the differential housing there is an 8mm lock bolt that holds the pinion shaft in place remove that. -Remove the pinion shaft. -Remove the C-lock from the button end (MORE)

How often should a wheel alignment be done?

Alignments the manufacture suggests every 6 months. I work at a place that does alignments and I only do them if I see irregular tire wear (might be too late at this point), or if the truck pulls, but the alignment could be out and the vehicle goes straight down the road. So there is no Good answer. (MORE)

What are the different types of rear differential fluids?

don't know exactly what ur asking but the difference is the weight just like motor oil the heavy and thicker the harder for the parts to move but provides better protection on the gears so you need just the right weight usally ur car's manual will tell u what u need if not call ur local parts store (MORE)

Can you replace front tires only on a all time 4 wheel drive Ford Escape Hybrid Will a difference in diameter between front and rear tires damage the transfer case and or differential?

Using tires of differing dimensions may cause damage to the powertrain and/or the constant-variable transmission systems. Additionally, the fuel management system will suffer from reduced effectiveness, the antilock brake and vehicle stability control systems may not function correctly, and the tire (MORE)

Where do i fill the rear differential fluid on my xj6?

depending on the model, you must fill it from the trunk. There are 1 or 2 removal plates above the top up filler on the diff that are in your trunk. Awkward, messy and poorly designed as you have remove/empty everything from yourr trunk to get at that point.

How do you check the 4-wheel drive fluid on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

under the jeep your transfer case remove the bolt with an Allen hole in it with and Allen socket. the fluid should run out of the hole. if you remove the bottom bolt you will drain your transfer case. if you remove the top bolt then you will be able to check it and will not have to refil it.

How should you rotate your tires on rear wheel drive vehicle?

With unidirectional tread tires, LR switches with LF, and RR switches with RF. With omnidirectional tread tires, the rear wheels are transferred forwards and remain on their original side, while the front tire are crossed over to their opposite rear side.

How often should fire hydrants be flushed?

Fire hydrants should be flushed prior to every use, before the hose is connected. Most municipalities have a maintenance program in effect, whereby each fire hydrant is inspected, flushed, greased, and winterized(in cold climate areas) annually.

What is Differential of rear wheel drive?

The differential is the 3rd member of the power train: 1) Engine 2) Transmission 3) Rear end/ differential If you look under the rear (of a rear wheel drive) vehicle you will see a large ball with tubes extending to the wheels. Looks like and refered to as the "bango" that is the differential. Ins (MORE)

What gear should 4 wheel drive be in for in town driving?

if you're driving on dry pavement you shouldnt be in 4WD in the first place because your front wheels will bind up. But if you're driving around town in snow or something where you need traction you should use 4 HIGH. 4 LOW shouldn't ever be used above like 20 MPH.

How often should rear wheel bearings be changed on a Camry?

Rear bearings fail very rarely. It fails usually when you load your car over the limit, drive on bumpy roads regularly or tow heavy trailers. You need to change bearing only if it is causing problems otherwise do not worry about it. People have camries with over 200k miles and never change rear b (MORE)

How often should you change the transfer case fluid on a 4 wheel drive truck?

A few things to consider: . Each maker has a recommended service interval . Trucks that go through creeks and such may contaminate the fluid, it should be checked for contamination and changed as needed after each use. . Trucks that see sever duty, Off road, towing etc should be serviced much mor (MORE)

When should you use 4 wheel drive high?

4 wheel drive high is used by most people in snowy weather for extra traction, but it will not provide enough traction for you to drive as you would in clear, dry weather. You should read your owners manual. Some 4WD vehicles should NOT be put into 4WD (high or low) on dry pavement, it will damage t (MORE)

How often do you change rear differential fluid on 2001 Yukon Denali?

There is no concrete answer. Different vehicles have differentneeds. For instance, an off-road vehicle may need a differentialfluid change as often as every 30,000 miles. A vehicle used foreveryday travel may never need a differential fluid change. Somemanufactures consider the differential lubed fo (MORE)

Why is it on a 97 Ford F 150 when you put it in 4 wheel drive the rear differential become deposit right in 20 drive is like an open def I had it on the rack and it blew my mind what's going on?

The question was I have a 1997 Ford 4 wheel drive why is it up in the air on a lift when the truck is in two wheel drive the rear end acts like a limited slip where one wheel turns one way in the other wheel turns the other way but when you lock it in 4 wheel drive the switch on the inside and put i (MORE)