How often should tile floors need to be replaced?

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If properly installed tile flooring can last a lifetime. Many of the current materials available today are a porcelain bodied tile that is very high on the hardness scale. The only reason to replace would be if the look of the tile is no longer in style but this is only on an aesthetic basis.
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How do you know how much tile you will need to buy for a kitchen floor?

Answer . \nSimple math. Measure the room in each direction. For example, if it is 12 feet long and 5 feet wide, the result of 12 X 5 = 60 square feet. You will want to add another ten to twenty percent for waste. So, by this example, you may need to figure 70 square feet and furnish that inf (MORE)

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How do you replace broken floor tiles?

Tape around the old tile with gaffer tape to protect from any tool slipping. Use a mini grinder, cost £15 b&q, or hire for £8 a day hss hire. Carefully cut out the old grout, this takes a few minutes. Is very dusty, ensure room is well vented. Break out the cracked tile and remaining grout. Re (MORE)

Do you need to seal your travertine tile floor?

Answer . YES natural stone is porous and will stain unless it is properly sealed. Aside from staining, not sealing any natural stone tile can lead to mold and mildew growth, and the porous surface will attract moisture. There are cleaners to help with stains and moisture problems, but they d (MORE)

How long does gypcrete need to cure before you can tile floor?

7 to 10 days. Method of testing: Duct tape plastic film to a 12"x12" place on the floor and if the plastic does not have any condensation and the concrete does not appear darker there after 24 hours, the concrete is dry enough. You can over spray it (seal it up), next day put flooring down.

Do you need to seal tile floors?

Yes.. If it is a ceramic or porcelain tile you only need to seal the grout.. If you have a natural stone or quarry you need to seal the tile and the grout.. Generally when you install natural stone, you seal the tile before you grout. Otherwise the colorant in the grout will seep into the tile.. (MORE)

How do you find replacement floor tiles?

Google "replacement floor tiles". Example of what may be found: or google "floor tile replacements" Examples found:,,20057064,00.html

You have 20 inch floor tile how much tile is needed for a 276 square feet?

I install ceramic tile professionally in the Opelika, AL area.. An accurate estimate would be 99.36 tiles, but you need to add in 10% waste for straight lay and 15% for diagonal. You also need to take into account the size of your grout lines 1/8" 1/4" 1/2".. My recommendation get 115 tiles figure (MORE)

How often should you reseal travertine tile floors?

Depends on cleaning methods used after sealing. Strong cleaners may strip sealer or weaken them. You can test to see if the sealer is working by opening a bottle of water, fill the cap with some of the water and pour it on some of the areas you are concerned about. See if the water stays on top of t (MORE)

What tool do you need to cut 2x2 floor ceramic tile?

If you are making straight cuts, there are tile cutters that score the surface and then snap the tile. . If you will be making any semi circles or cut outs, you will need a wet saw. Also a wet saw is much quicker.

How long does concrete floor need to dry before tiling?

Concrete "Cures" instead of drying! In most cases a specification will call for 28 days as a Cure Period. During this cure time the intent is to maintain water inside the mix to allow for complete hydration of the key ingredient: Portland Cement! Complete hydration will result in the compressive str (MORE)

How do you know how mANY tiles you need to tile a floor that is 5500 sf with 16x16 tiles?

First find how many square INCHES each tile has. 12x12 tile = 144 sq in (12times12) 16x16 tile = 256 sq in (16times16) Then divide 256 by 144 to find out how many square feet a 16x16 tile has...= 1.7777.. Then divide 5500 sq ft to 1.7777777... and you get 3093 pieces of 16x16 tile to cover 5 (MORE)

How do you replace a cracked ceramic floor tile?

you will bust it up & remove & drop a new one in it's place.. That is the short answer. The grout will have to removed as well & breaking tile & flying grout can be dangerous on your eyes & ears, fingers & toes, so make sure you wear safety glasses, hearing protection & gloves & shoes are nice in th (MORE)

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How thick should a sub floor be when installing marble tiles?

The sub floor should not be a problem if it hasn't been one for other reasons. What is most important is the installation of cement board over the sub floor to keep the tile and grout from cracking. Most marble tile used in residential buildings is not so heavy as to create weight issues.

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How many square feet of tile are need for flooring?

Measure the length and width of the room in feet. If the length and or width is not an even multiple of the size of the tiles, then move that measurement up to the next even multiple. For example, if you are using 12" tile, and the length is 56", then move it up to 60", because you will have to cut (MORE)

Should you install ceramic floor or wall tiles first?

Having tiles untold bathrooms I always do the floor LAST this saves dropping tiles etc on to the nice new expensive tile. However, when tiling the walls first leave out the bottom row of wall tile (here you can place your straight edge datum, put in the floor tile then set that last row of wall tile (MORE)

How many 20x20 porcelain floor tiles do you need for 660sf?

You will need 250 tiles. First, you must calculate how many square feet there are in each tile: 20" X 20" = 400 square inches per tile. One square foot = 144 square inches (12" X 12" = 144 square inches) So, 400 square inches per tile divided by 144 square inches per foot = 2.778. That means there (MORE)