How old do huskies get?

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Normally they can live to be 14- 16 years old.

About 10-14 years depending on their health care dental care and physical care. sometimes 20 years depending on if it is healthy and active
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How old is the oldest Siberian Husky?

I personally own a male Siberian Husky who will (hopefully!) get 17-year old in five weeks from now. I have no idea if it is a record and I would be surprised if it was, but I

How old will Wild Huskies grow to be?

Huskies are a domesticated breed, meaning they live with humans. There might be the occasional stray that has gone feral, but apartfrom that there are no wild huskies.

How old can a Siberian husky get?

I have a red Siberian Huskey and she will be sixteen this december. Her health is good. She's less active, a little hip stiffness and some clouding in the eyes.

How old should a husky wear a harness?

As soon as they are old enough to walk you should use a harness for their lead to attach to for walks otherwise they can become very disobedient when out and about. Be patient

How old is husky?

you need to elaborate on that a bit more for an answer i think .. do you want to know how old the husky breed is in general ?

How old is Ferlin Husky?

Ferlin Husky was 86 years old when he died on March 17, 2012. (birthdate: December 3, 1925)

How can you figure out how old your Siberian husky is?

The standard though that a dog's ages 7 years for every one human year untrue because the first year or two of a dog's life represent the human equivlant of 18-25 years. This