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How old do huskies get?

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Normally they can live to be 14- 16 years old.

About 10-14 years depending on their health care dental care and physical care. sometimes 20 years depending on if it is healthy and active
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How old is the oldest Siberian Husky?

I personally own a male Siberian Husky who will (hopefully!) get 17-year old in five weeks from now. I have no idea if it is a record and I would be surprised if it was, but I

How much should an 8 month old Siberian husky eat?

Practically all dog food packaging (at least that sold in the US)  includes a chart showing how much to feed a dog based on their  weight and age. One such chart indicates t

How much does a 12 month old Siberian huskies weigh?

The average for males(I believe) are 45-60,females are 35-50 lbs. My 12 month old female is 38lbs. It seems there are many ppl who think that siberians should be huge. I use

What can huskies do?

Huskies were bred to pull sleighs across the Antarctic full of goods and people. They can run for up to 14 hours a day in sub-zero temperatures. This is an amazing breed with