How old do you have to be to become a stock broker?

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You must have at least 21 years old.

Go the google and search perfect age to become a stockbroker, you'll get a large amount of informations concerning the age.

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What qualifications do you need to become a stock broker?

Answer . In order to become a stock broker you just have to sign a sub broker agreement with the main broker. Currently in INDIA the Arihant Capital Markets Ltd. is providi

What college courses are needed to become a stock broker?

You do not always need a degree to become a stock broker. As a matter of fact, some high school dropouts have become stock brokers. That said, most brokerages will look for ce

How do you become a licensed stock broker?

You must be sponsored by a stock exchange member then you must take and pass the Series 7 exam. You must also take and pass the Series 63 & 65, or you can just take the Series

How to become a stock broker?

The first step in becoming a stock broker is to contact the local firm or bank ask if theres any entry-level programs being administers if yes ask for the head recruiter and s

What is a stock broker?

In the US a stock broker is actually a salesperson who works for acompany that buys and sells financial securities in stock and bondmarkets. Other financial instruments can be

What does a stock broker do?

a broker buys and sells stocks for their clients. They get paid commissions for doing this. It s kinda like being realestate agent, the broker is the middle man between 2 inve

How do you become an independent stock broker?

Unless you're already licensed, it's nearly impossible. You have tobe sponsored to sit for the FINRA Series 7 exam (required). Mostindependent firms will NOT sponsor you. Why

Who is a stock broker?

Stock brokers are individuals and companies that buy and sellsecurities for their clients. They act as middlemen between buyerand seller and executes the orders of their custo
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How does one become an online stock broker?

Becoming a stock broker is a tough and demanding field, mostimportantly you will need a good college education involving lotsof math. You will need to gain plenty of experienc
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How do i become a stock broker?

"The world of the stock broker is very competitive. In order to pursue this career one must make sure they have a good education, including math and how to retrieve infomation