How old do you have to be to buy a stock?

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In order to enter the stock market you must be at least 18. You can still own stock but it would have to go under your guardian until you are a legal adult.
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How do you buy stock?

Find a stockbroker online or in the phone book. They can usually do whatever you ask them to. It is also possible to buy stock from employers.

How do you buy a stock?

The right way to buy a stock is ask the person or company that has the stock in sale to sell it to you then discuss the price and try to get the best price for the stock.

Where do you buy stocks?

In a registered Stock Exchange. ex: Bombay stock exchange or National stock exchange in India

How can you buy stock on the Bombay Stock Exchange?

Open a DEMAT & and a trading account with any of the DEMAT providers and then you can buy them online. Or you can contact any investment service provider and he would buy i

When do you buy stock?

Stocks are to be bought at the bottom, which means when the markets are falling and should be sold at HIGH. Reference: Not nec

Is there any way kids under 18 years old can buy stocks?

Why bother? You can't own it anyways. Until the age of 18, the parents are in charge and responsible for any owns and loans of their children. Imagine a 16 year old playing on

How do stock brokers buy stock?

They usually input the trade on a work station. Sometimes, if the order is large enough (Usually 10000 shares) they will call a trader. A ticket is usually written out after t

Why do you buy stock?

To invest in the businesses success both to improve the businesses output and to receive a share of the profit. Some brokers buy stock purely to sell for profit.

How to buy stocks?

Open a brokerage account. Schwaab for instance. Be advised you can lose all of your investment. See a financial advisor.

When to buy stock?

The best time to buy would be when a stock is trading below its intrinsic value. Using different models (Discounted Cash Flow, PE-Earnings Growth,etc.) you can estimate the i

Can you buy stock from the stock market?

You have to be a broker with a seat on the exchange to trade stocks on the stock exchange. You can get such a broker to buy and sell for you, but he will charge a commission.