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It happens around the age of Puberty, and that varies from guy to guy. Maybe around 12 to 14 with a lot of variability?
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Does a 6 year old have sperm?

No, they can't. However, some people have a disorder that makes them go through puberty exceptionally early. If this was the case, he might be able to.

Can a 11 year old have sperm?

Yes, 11-year-olds can. If you masturbate long enough, and if you are far enough through puberty, you can. Now have fun!

Can an 8 year old produce sperm?

Not unless he has gone through the life stage called, "Puberty", which causes hair to grow in the armpits and crotch, the voice to begin turning into a man's voice, and the bo

Does a 6 year old boy have sperm?

Actually no. Semen can be there but sperms aren't developed until later during puberty.

Can an 11-year-old produce sperm?

Yes, if they have reached puberty. It is doubtful for an 11 year old to be able to ejaculate sperm. The sexual development stage of puberty does not start until around ages 1

Does a 8 year old have sperm?

Sperm production (Spermatogenesis) only begins at puberty. Puberty is initiated by hormone signals from the brain to the gonads (the ovaries and testes). In response, the gona

Can 10 year olds have sperm?

yes i am 11 now and i have sperm but I had sperm since i was 9 so yes its possible

Can a 11 year old make sperm?

Sperm does not appear in semen until the boy has reached puberty so if he has at 11 he can. Otherwise no.
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Can 11 year old kids get sperm out?

11-year old kids can get sperm out because this is when adolescence  will commence. This will mostly happen through what is referred to  as nocturnal emissions or wet dreams

Do old men sperm carry worms?

No, old men do not have worms in their sperm. Sperm will be healthy  even when a person is not.