How old do you have to be to get sperm?

It happens around the age of Puberty, and that varies from guy to guy. Maybe around 12 to 14 with a lot of variability?
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Do old men sperm carry worms?

No, old men do not have worms in their sperm. Sperm will be healthy  even when a person is not.
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Do fifty four year old men produce viable sperm?

Yes, they do. Some men remain fertile well in their golden years, it always depends on the health of the individual. Usually with men over 60 things start to go downhill. Men (MORE)

Should a 12 year old boy have sperm?

He could. We all develop at a different rate, some 10 year old could be producing sperm and some 14 y ear old don't. It is probably more likely that a 12 year old would be pro (MORE)
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Can you get an infection from sperm?

No. Sperm are not pathogens. Sperm are not viruses or bacteria. Sperm cannot reproduce themselves or hijack living cells in order to transcript its DNA or cause proteins to be (MORE)

Does the sperm whale have sperm?

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