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Does a 6 year old have sperm?

Does a 6 year old have sperm?

No, they can't. However, some people have a disorder that makes them go through puberty exceptionally early. If this was the case, he might be able to.

Can a 11 year old have sperm?

Yes, 11-year-olds can. If you masturbate long enough, and if you are far enough through puberty, you can. Now have fun!

How old do you get sperm?

12 to 14 years of minimum age you will get some few drops of sperm out during masturbation

How old do you start having sperm?

Sperm production begins with the onset of puberty in males and is a constant process that takes 70 days from start to finish (unlike eggs in females). Puberty usually begins b

Can 10 year olds have sperm?

yes i am 11 now and i have sperm but I had sperm since i was 9 so yes its possible

How old are boys when the have sperms?

Boys have sperm from when they're born, just like girls have eggs when they're born. You just have to hit puberty, hormones and all, before your body becomes active. No, that

How do you get sperm out of 11 year old?

you will probably get transparent sticky "pre-cum" next year. which is just sperm in the making. believe you just have to relax and wait for it to come because i remember when

How old do have to be to have sperm?

This depends on the speed you develop through puberty. Some boys as young as 12 can produce sperm, whereas some other boys don't start producing until much later. The average

What if your old and can't produce sperm?

Try Vitamin E - 400 mg a day during 3 months. And Vitamin C 200 mg a day during 3 months also. - Take tomato juice once a day, during 3 months. Do not strain. After all, wha

Does a 7 year old get sperm?

Ejaculation of semen with SPERM in it; comes with Puberty. Puberty usually starts about age 11 in males some earlier, some later. But it starts when it starts.Normal signs of