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How old do you have to be to invest in stock market?

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If you are 18 years old you can independently invest in stocks. If you are a minor, with the supervision of a guardian you can invest in stocks.
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How do you invest money in the stock market?

Standard speculation exhortation is that you ought to put resources  into an expanded blend of stocks, securities, and currency market  stores. You need to purchase a broade

Can banks invest in stock market?

Yes. But, they cannot invest the depositors money in the stock  market. In the years since the financial crisis, central banks have  leapt to the forefront of public policy

Can a 11 year old boy invest in the stock market?

i believe the most approprite answer would be 'it depends'. investment for stock market is not like gambling, i would suggest you to read some books about financial investment

How do you invest in a foreign stock market?

hai Evey Body;   first of all complitly know about company and products then now how is going and how will be go in future in the company products. all invester should be k

Why do people invest in a stock market?

The stock market is a way to make money with brains instead of brawn. True it takes some knowledge to invest wisely, but with knowledge you can increase your income greatly. T

What does it mean to invest in the stock market?

To earn extra money, companies sell shares of there company called stock. For example, Walmart might sell one share of stock for $36 dollars. Basically, when you buy stock you

Is it safe to invest in stock market?

Safety depends on the ways you handle the stock market. A long time cliché has been removed by ratio trading, its time people can give up their speculations and calculate rea

How do you get started in stock market investing?

Kick start learning the basics of stock investing in a very easy to  understand and simplified way through Stock Shastra which is an  educational initiative by Moneyworks4me

What is a good investment for stock markets?

NASDAQ and a mail site because they are both doing very well right now, and appeared high on the list of stock markets to invest in. so those two would be very good to invest

Why invest in stocks market?

To make money! You can make money by buying good companies at good  prices, then holding onto those stocks until their prices have gone  up. You can also make money by buyin

Why to invest in stock market index?

According to the writings of John Bogle (who founded the Vanguard Group and popularized index investing), an index fund has low costs compared to other funds, has low turnover

How does one invest in the stock market?

The easiest way to invest on the stock market is via one's bank who will have a service for one to buy and sell shares, generally for a flat fee. Nat West and Lloyds TSB both

What do you need to invest in the stock market?

Investing in the stock market is not always profitable. If you find  yourself in need of guidance as you start investing, you can  consider 3 things below:   -  Review