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How old do you need to be to have sex in the UK?

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16, same as Australia and a few other places
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In the UK how old does a child need to be to ride in the front seat?

A child can ride in the front seat at any age, however they must  use a booster seat until they are 12 or 135cm tall (whichever comes  first). You must NEVER use a rear faci

What needs to be done for a 17 year old in the UK to get a driving license?

 You must apply for a provisional driving licence.   Once you have your provisional, you can book and take a theory  test.   Once you have passed your theory test,

Does a 1-year-old need any ID to fly within the UK?

It is VERY likely that the adult travelling with an infant WILL be asked for identity, AND to prove a parental relationship with the child. I'm sure you can work out why for y