How old is Cambodia?

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i dont know but somebody has to. my dad doesnt even know and hes 100 percent Cambodian!he lived in Cambodia till he was 37 and now hes 40!
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Where is Cambodia?

On the Gulf of Thailand in Southeast Asia between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Cambodia is along the eastern border of Vietnam, with a northern border touching Laos, and a

Who are the allies of Cambodia?

Following its establishment, the primary foreign relationships of the PRK were those with Vietnam, Laos, the Soviet Union, and the countries of Eastern Europe. The PRK had onl

What is the old name of Cambodia?

The old name of Cambodia was Kambuja. It was also known as KhmerEmpire. The capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh. Cambodia is locatedin Southeast Asia and the official religion i

Does Cambodia have college?

They have universities, but I don't know if College and University are the same, it's kind of confuse. They have universities in cities, but not in rural areas.

How is theEducation in Cambodia?

Improving. By my own experience, I believe that the class in Cambodia is harder than in U.S. In Cambodia, u need to take chemistry, Khmer, math, biology,physics, history, hea

What is the continenet of Cambodia?

Cambodia is not a continent; it is a country. Situated next to Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam Cambodia is part of the continent Asia.