How old is Rachael Ray?

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Rachael Ray (Cusimano) is 49 years old (birthdate: August 25, 1968).
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Who is Rachael ray?

Rachael ray is a famous cook who wrote many cookebooks has a magazine and a cooking show, and plans to oopn a resteraunt ( a burger joint really) in 2009

When did Rachael Ray start cooking?

she was on a radio station in her home town some guy heard her on the radio and spearheaded her career....i heard this on chefography on Cook channel

Who is Rachael Ray married to?

Ray married John M. Cusimano, a lawyer and member of the band The Cringe, on September 24, 2005 in Montalcino, Italy. Rachael Ray is married to John M. Cusimano. They have b

What college did Rachael Ray graduate from?

Rachael did not attend college. She graduated from Lake George High School in 1985. Her culinary experience came from her parent, who both own restaurants. In 2002, Ray mentio