How old is Samantha on Bewitched?

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The audience never really finds out how old she is. In season 1, episode 22, Darrin asks Samantha when her birthday is and how old she is. Her birthday is on June 6, but she never admits the year, and is troubled by the question of her age. In addition, Conversations between Samantha and her mother Endora suggest she has lived for a very long time because they are witches.
This question was never directly answered on the show. It was, however, hinted that Samantha was alive during the original Salem Witch Trials and was around as far back as the construction of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. So, a safe estimate would be at least several hunderd years old.
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How old is Samantha Jones?

She turns 50 in the movie Sex and the City, that takes place 4 years after the show went off the air. The show ran for 6 seasons, so that would make Samantha 40 when the series began.

Bewitch the senses?

can you help me answer this kung gusto mo malaman ang answer itanong mo sa puwet mo

What does bewitched mean?

1. To place under one's power by or as if by magic; cast a spell over.. 2. To captivate completely; entrance . A person with a crush on someone can be said to be bewitched, as inunder a spell.

Emily is 3 times as old as Samantha and In six years she will be twice as old as Samantha and in Three years ago she was five times Samanthas age?

Turning this into equations we get : E = current age of Emily S = current age of Samantha E = 3S (Currently, Emily is 3 times as old as Samantha) E + 6 = 2*(S + 6) (In 6 years, Emily will be twice as old as Samantha) Solving for E and S, we get that cuurently, Samantha is 6 and Emily is 18 (6 * 3 = 18) . and in 6 years Samantha would be 12 and Emily would be 24, making Emily twice as old as Samantha (12 * 2 = 24)

Who is ezmeralda on bewitch?

Answer: She is Samantha Steven,s aunt. Answer: Actually Esmeralda was not related to Samantha Stephens at all. She was Samantha and Darrin's maid who was also a witch but extremely shy. If Darrin just raised his voice to her she would slowly fade away. Whenever Samantha needed Esmeralda she would just say,"Yoo-Hoo Esmeralda" and Esmeralda would instantly appear in the room. Esmeralda also had a lot of problems remembering her spells and so her magic did not always work the way she intended it to work. Also if Esmeralda sneezed very unexpected things would happen to anyone who was nearby her.

Who was Tabathia from Bewitched?

Tabitha was Samantha and Darrens first born child. She, like Samantha, was also a witch. She joined the show in season 2 of Bewitched.

Who is kazoo on bewitched?

A Kazoo is a musical toy. Some were of round shape, others looked almost like a model submarine with the resonator in the space of the Conning Tower. Gazoo was a helmeted alien in The Flintstones.

How does Samantha on Bewitched do her magic?

She freezes, the camera stops and they change whatever needs to change, and then the camera rolls again. If you watch the scenes that have babies in them, you'll notice that the babies jump somewhat everytime something magical happens, because they don't understand to freeze.

Where was Bewitched filmed?

In California, upscale suburbs of L.A. area. From California, to the Grace Three Island, oops, that's a tramp steamer. Well again there is sanctifying Grace and Pan American Grace!

How old is Samantha Sang?

Samantha Sang is 64 years old (born Cheryl Lau Sang, August 5, 1953). (a different source gives her birth year as 1951)

Who was esmerelda on bewitched?

Esmeralda is the love-interest for Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, no he was not a football player. the word is Spanish and means, somewhat oddlym Emerald. With Saint Patrick"s day coming up I thought that should be mentioned. She"s Spanish gypsy not Irish.

Who were the characters on bewitched?

Samantha and Darrin Stephens, a witch and her mortal husband. Tabitha and Adam Stephens, their children, a witch and a warlock. Frank and Phyllis Stephens, Darrin's parents. Frank is a bored, retired executive, who's always looking for a scheme that can make him money. Phyllis is a controlling grandparent. Larry and Louise Tate. Darrin's boss and his wife, who are close friends of the Stephens. They have one son, Jonathan. Endora and Maurice, Samantha's parents, who are separated. Endora thinks all mortals are stupid, foolish, stubborn, and ridiculous, including her son-in-law. Maurice has a flair for the drama and the ladies. Serena, Samantha's cousin, who looks just like her except for being brunette (Elizabeth Montgomery plays both roles). Uncle Arthur, Endora's younger brother, who has always been there for Samantha through thick and thicker. He loves anything funny and loves to play practical jokes. Esmerelda, the Stephens' witch maid. She has a problem she's very nervous and that makes her sneeze which makes her magic go awry. Abner and Gladys Kravitz, the Stephen's neighbors across the street. Abner is retired, loves to play his flute and annoy his wife by ignoring her. Gladys is the neighborhood gossip and has always suspected Samantha of being "strange."

Did Samantha off of bewitched play on Andy griffin?

The Actress is the late Elizabeth Montgomery, a fairly versatile thespian, she may have done other shows. She was in a TV movie about a woman who was put in, and then revived from- Suspended Animation, called She Lives. Oddly, both Miss Montgomery and Bewitched co-star Dick York died of forms of Cancer, Up in smoke? you decided.

How old is Samantha Smith?

TV actress Samantha Smith is 48 years old (born November 4, 1969). Child actress Samantha Smith was born on June 29, 1972 and died with her father in a plane crash on August 25, 1985 (age 13). She famously wrote a letter to Soviet leader Yuri Andropov and visited Russia at his request in 1983.

Where are celebrities of bewitched?

For the television series Bewitched, the main characters status, asof April 1, 2015 is: . Samantha - Elizabeth Montgomery passed away in 1995. . Endora - Agnes Moorehead passed away in 1974. . Darrin (original) - Dick York passed away in 1992. . Darrin (2nd) - Dick Sargent passed away in 1994. . Mr Tate - David White passed away in 1990. . Tabitha - Erin Murphy is married and raising a family. She'sdone a couple more recent acting roles and is currently inpost-production for a TV movie that includes several stars frompast shows that have celebrated 30 to 40 year anniversaries, suchas Little House on the Prairie, Gilligan's Island and more.