How old was Jane Seymour when she died?

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(*answer refers to the wife of Henry VIII, not the actress born 1951)

She was either 27 or 28 when she died in 1537.
It was believed that she was 29 because she had 29 attendants in her funeral line.

"Her exact birth date is debated; it is usually given as 1509, but it has been noted that at her funeral 29 women walked in succession. Since it was customary for the attendant company to mark every year of the deceased's life in numbers, this implies she was born in 1508."

Jane Seymour was the third wife of Henry VIII of England. She was born in 1508 and died on October 24, 1537, soon after giving birth to Henry's only male heir, Edward, on October 12. If the 1508 birthday is correct, she was likely 29. If the 1509 date is correct, she was likely 28.
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How old is Jane Seymour?

UK actress Jane Seymour is 66 years old (born Joyce Frankenberg , February 15, 1951). *The historical figure Jane Seymour (3rd wife of Henry VIII, mother of Edward VI) was b

How Jane Seymour died?

Jane Seymour died from puerperal fever - an ailment that many women who gave birth in that time era suffered and or died from. Puerperal fever was usually brought on due to th

Did Henry VIII care when Jane Seymour died?

yes he did care because Henry divorced anne of Boleyn bacause of her. Well who ever Wrote this doesnt know the true history. King Henry beheaded Anne Boleyn because she was

What age was Jane Seymours son when he died?

Jane Seymour and Henry VIII gave birth to a son called Edward VI. He was crowned at the age of 9. He was born on the 12 October 1537 - 6 July 1553. He died in 1553.. He died

Was Jane Seymour 27 or 28 when she died?

It is difficult to be exact about Jane Seymour's age when she died, as we do not know what her birth date was. Various accounts have her birth year as anything from 1504 to 15

How old was Jane Seymour when she died in childbirth?

It is unclear when Jane Seymour was born. But most historians believe it was around 1507-1509. Which would of made her at the time of her death on 24th October 1537, either 30
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How died Jane Seymour die?

She died of postnatal complications less than two weeks after the birth of her only child, a son who reigned as Edward VI .