How old was bill kaulitz when he first started writing music?

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Who is Bill Kaulitz?

Bill Kaulitz is the lead singer to German rock band Tokio Hotel. He was born September 1st 1989 in Leipzig Germany to Jörg Kaulitz and Simone. He is known for is angelic voice and being a world renowned star. Bill has been in the spotlight since he was 11 when he came runner up in Star Search. At (MORE)

How old is Bill Kaulitz?

Bill Kaulitz (of Tokio Hotel ) is 27 years old (birthdate:September 1, 1989). He is the younger twin brother of Tom Kaulitz.

Where is Bill Kaulitz from?

He was born in Leipzig in east Germany but grew up in a village called Loitsche, near Magdeburg. he comes from east Germany in leipzig Bill And His Twin Brother Tom Were both born in Leipzig, Germany to Simone and Jörg Kaulitz Bill is from Leipzig Germany

When did Bach start writing music?

Born in 1685, Bach was known mainly for his keyboarding skills in playing the organ. In August 1703, he accepted the position as the organist at a church (chapel of Duke Johann Ernst in Weimar), which had a new organ tuned to a modern system that allowed a wide range of keys to be used. About this t (MORE)

Would Bill Kaulitz date a 13-year-old?

13 is a bit too young for a Bill who's 20 now and a adult. No... hes 20... He is 21! Are you kidding me!? He's not into young little girls...little girl stick to you 13 yr old boys lol

Would Bill Kaulitz date a 15-year-old?

Not in a million years. Well, he actually said age doesn't matter as long as it is true love . And he stated in an interview that he prefers the girl to be over 15, but his true love could be anyone.

Why did Bill Kaulitz start smoking?

He partysmokes and therefor he doesn't feel that he's a smoker. He must be in denial though since he has been seen to smoke backstage. . He still even doubts officially that he smokes. So no one could ever asked him about it(and if someone did, he didn´t received an answer ;). In the Tokio Ho (MORE)

Would Bill Kaulitz date a 12-year-old?

Seeing that he is almost 20 years old, it would actually be illegal for him to date a 12 year old. That is a very odd question to be asking. Bill Kaulitz will be turning 21 September 1st so I don't think he has any interest in going out with a 12 year old. That would be illegal and don't you thi (MORE)

Bill Kaulitz first kiss?

He got it form the same girl Tom got it from shortly after Tom got it and he was about 9yo and thought it was really bad.

How old was bill kaulitz when he recorded his first song?

Bill and Tom both had a band called Devilish when they were 7 and that's when they recorded their first song. They only really got interested in music when their mum (Simone Kaulitz) got married to their step-dad Gordon Trumper, from the rock band Fatun.

What kind of music does Bill Kaulitz listen to?

he listens to all music.. but rap isn't his thing.. its tomi's thing. (: he really likes green day, placebo, cold play, and he has allways had a love for the German singer nena even when he was a child. she is like a idol to him. Greenday, P!NK, keane, Avril lavigne and especialy listens to white (MORE)

Where did Bill Kaulitz go to School when he was sixteen years old?

they had already dropped out of highschool by the time they were 16. however, they when they were in school, they attended Kurfürst Joachim Friedrich Gymnasium in Wolmirstedt, Germany. Hope i helped!!! this is the right answer, but if you dont believe me, you can find a video of him on youtube ta (MORE)

Why did bill kaulitz write monsoon?

no one know his exact reasons for writting the song, that's probaly somthing personal to him. but we do know the meaning of the song. bill often says that is about doing everything for love, fighting against all odds for the person you love.

Did bill kaulitz write monsoon?

Well Of Corse Bill Is NOT A Fake He writes His Own Song Well Of Corse Bill Is NOT A Fake He writes His Own Song But there's a rumor that says that not only he wrote the song...It also was... Patrick Benzer Peter Hoffman Dave Roth and David Host but of course is JUST A RUMOR

How old was Gary paulsen when he first started writing?

I really don't know the excact age of paulsen but when he was a kid his mom and dad would drink alot and at the age of 14 he ran away from home. When Gary ran away he followed a circus. He got a library card and he started reading although he wasn't very good in school. He worked on a farm, was an e (MORE)

What is bill kaulitz?

HE is a German sex bomb from the awfully successful German band, Tokio Hotel, with hits such as Automatic, Monsoon, World Behind My Wall, ect, ect...

What music does bill kaulitz like?

His favourite artist is a German singer called Nena. He has also mentioned he is interested in music from the Kings of Leon, Green Day, U2, Keane, Cold Play Placebo

Why is Bill Kaulitz named Bill Kaulitz?

his parents named him bill cause they liked it and his last name is the same as his real fathers though sometimes he'll add his mother and step-faters last name to his own. No it's the fans that keeps adding Trumper to his name. Him and Tom never had that name. Gordon and Simone got married Augus (MORE)

When did bill kaulitz start drinking coffee?

He said since he's five he's already drinking coffee and drank a LOT in Tokio Hotel TV. But his parents always put a lot of milk in them, because they think coffee isn't really good for kids. But that's what he always do. :)

How do you write a letter to Bill Kaulitz?

You can write a letter to their official e-mail address or to their studio address. But I actually don't think that he will read your letter or e-mail..I even don't think that guys really look through it.