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How old was the Buddha when he died?

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It is believed that the Buddha died at 80 yrs old by eating rotten food offered to him in charity.

Lord Buddha's death was not due to the last meal he had a special delicacy, namely Sukaramaddava, literally translated as "soft pork", which had been prepared by his generous host, Cunda Kammaraputta but he died to Mesenteric infarction which is a disease commonly found among elderly people, caused by the obstruction of the main artery that supplies the middle section of the bowel-the small intestine-with blood.
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When did Buddha died?

Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha's dates of birth and death are somewhat uncertain Some traditions say between 486 and 483 BCE, others between 411 and 400 BCE.

How old was Buddha when he died?

He was in his eighties. Poor data on birth and death dates from 2500 years ago makes it hard to be more exact.

Buddha died from what?

he got poisoned Answer: He was not poisoned. He died after eating tainted pork.

How old is the Buddha?

Buddha was about 80 when he died. Buddhism (his teachings) has been around for about 2500 years.

Where did Buddha go after he died?

This question is not applicable to Buddha or Arhants because they have no Rebirth after death. When Buddha was asked, what happens to him after death? Buddha replied, this qu

What happened to Buddhism after Buddha died?

Soon after Buddha's death or parinirvana, five hundred monks met at the first council at Rajagrha, under the leadership of Kashyapa. Upali recited the monastic code (Vinaya) a

What was Buddha doing when he died?

Just prior to his death he was traveling back towards his birthplace, teaching, as usual, along the way. He stopped in Kushingar and ate a dinner with the local blacksmith of