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How put my PowerPoint presentation onto YouTube?

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you can't put powerpoints on youtube, though if you have a pc, you should have a program called "windows movie maker." you can make videos there on the timeline by clicking and dragging clips, pictures music, etc. (open a folder and drag the items to windows move maker) Once youre done, you go up to "file" and click "publish movie." Click "save to computer" and click next until it starts uploading. Then on youtube, sign in and click upload. Open your video from the folder "my videos"
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How do you put a powerpoint presentation on YouTube?

YouTube doesn't accept PowerPoint files. It only accepts the following video formats: . Windows Media Video (.WMV) . .3GP (cell phones) . .AVI (windows) . .MOV (mac) . .

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How do you put powerpoints on youtube?

depends what kind of quality you need it to be... anyway you need to use some kind of screen recording tool like Cam Studio (which is free) or Fraps... I think there are al

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You can do this two ways: 1. FOR PEOPLE WITH POWERPOINT 2010 and 2. FOR PEOPLE WITH POWERPOINT 2007, 2003 OR LOWER 1. For people with Microsft Office PowerPoint 2010 cli