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How put my PowerPoint presentation onto YouTube?

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you can't put powerpoints on youtube, though if you have a pc, you should have a program called "windows movie maker." you can make videos there on the timeline by clicking and dragging clips, pictures music, etc. (open a folder and drag the items to windows move maker) Once youre done, you go up to "file" and click "publish movie." Click "save to computer" and click next until it starts uploading. Then on youtube, sign in and click upload. Open your video from the folder "my videos"
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How do you embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint?

For example, if you want to insert a video from Youtube to a PowerPoint, Case 1: If you will show this PowerPoint presentation with internet, just follow the video in reso

How do you download videos onto YouTube?

if u made a video on windows movie maker then you have to press file then publish. then click my computer then press finish then go on youtube click upload which is in the top

Can you Skype a PowerPoint presentation?

You can use the "Share Screen" feature and run the PowerPoint on your computer. Alternatively, you can send the PowerPoint as a file through skype for each user to use.

How do you burn a PowerPoint onto a CD?

You can do this using Office 2007. Just click the Office button (circle button on upper-left of the opened MS Powerpoint 2007, then click publish then copy to CD.    Ma

How do i add a YouTube video to a PowerPoint?

Solution 1 Two steps to follow: 1. Download a video from Youtube (find a tool with the link below) 2. Put the video on powerpoint. YouTube video is encoded in FLV fo

Why PowerPoint presentation important in the business?

Because you can improve the effects of presentation by adding pictures, videos, and other multimedia properly with powerpoint. Therefore it will be easier to present it lots o

What is a PowerPoint presentation used for?

A PowerPoint Presentation is used to do lots of things! Here is a list of what PowerPoint can be used for: 1. Office Presentation 2. Class Projects 3. Family Holidays

What is a good idea for a PowerPoint presentation?

you can do PowerPoint about family, friends, puppies, kittens, tigers, all animals, what you like, what you don't like, gardens, homes, landmarks, different countries, random

How to make the best PowerPoint presentation?

Not too much information on the actual slide, keep it in your notes.Consistent design.Put the most interesting facts on the slide.Not too many colors and distractions in the d

Science and technology-PowerPoint presentation?

I know a really good one! First, research science and technology. Second, make a power-point presentation. Only two simple steps to not being lazy!

How do you save a PowerPoint onto a flashdrive?

1) plug in your flash drive 2) click the Microsoft button on the top ( its a circle with four squares inside it ) 3) click save as 4) make sure the bar at the top is switc

What is a presentation in PowerPoint?

Presentation view is when you set up a Power Point using two different computers. That is, the presenter will be able to view his presentation on his screen while he makes cha
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How do you save a PowerPoint onto a memory stick?

Simply open the file location of the PowerPoint. Then open the USB flashdrive location also. Click and hold the PowerPoint to drag it to the flashdrive location, which copies

How do you make a YouTube video with PowerPoint?

YouTube doesn't accept the PowerPoint format directly. So you can convert PowerPoint to video and upload PowerPoint to YouTube. You can use a third tool Wondershare PPT2Video.

Why cant i log onto YouTube?

maybe because your computer has a firewall which is thinking youtube is a threat to your computer when you log in might be that. have you forgot password and need to get the