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How quickly should your penis erect?

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Some guys are up in seconds, some take a minute or two. It all depends on how aroused you are.
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What should you do if you want your penis to be upright when it is erect?

Answer . Unfortunately, penis's are not dogs and do not take commands nor can you train them. If this is an issue for you the best thing to do is to see a doctor that spec

How hard should erect penis be?

Answer   It all depends on what point you are at in the erection, but usually it's very stiff and it's hard to bend or move the penis.

What should be cercumference of a teen's erect penis?

Penises like guys come in all shapes and sizes. And, just because a guy is tall or big doesn't mean he's got a big one. Some short guys are very "hung". Lots of guys discre

Should penis head come out of the covering on full erection?

In most men, the penis head (glans) usually emerges from the covering (foreskin) on full erection. (There is no "should", some men are happy for it never to emerge fully.) I

Where should you kiss women to erect your penis?

I don't think where you kiss a woman will effect whether the penis becomes erect, It is the thought of what you would like to happen as you kiss her that will take care of tha

Should a penis open it's glans penis when erect?

On a fully functioning intact adult penis the foreskin should be able to roll back , thus exposing the glans completely when pressure is applied. For example if one has a fore