How similar are Carrie Bradshaw and Candace Bushnell?

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Candace Bushnell and Carrie Bradshaw both:
  • write a sex column
  • are big partygoers and have active night lives
  • are on the cutting edge of fashion and footwear
  • moved to New York City in their late teens
  • faced financial struggles
  • are petite with light eyes and hair
  • share the same initials
One major difference between them: Candace Bushnell is a RL person, while Carrie Bradshaw is a fictional character portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker on the HBO series Sex and the City and in the film Sex and the City: The Movie.

Candace Bushnell has stated that Carrie Bradshaw is her alter ego.
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Where does Carrie Bradshaw live?

Carrie's official address was 245 E. 73rd St., but upper eastsiders prohibited filming in the exclusive area (245 E. 73rd St. is a fictitious address anyway.) The exterior stoop shots were filmed at 66 and 68 Perry Street between Bleecker and West 4th on the south side of the street. You can't mis (MORE)

Why did Carrie bradshaw in sex and the city call john Preston mr big?

After she first bumps into him on the street, she sees him everywhere and finds out he's a 'big' man around town, i.e. well known and very rich and successful. Then she starts referring to him as Mr Big. Nothing distasteful implied by the nickname, though one could be forgiven for thinking this if y (MORE)

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Carrie met Charlotte on a subway car in the middle of the night when a man apparently took off his pants. She met Miranda at Blumingdales. Carries was working there. And finally, Samantha... I think it was in some sort of bar or a club. Actually She met Samantha Jones the first day she got to (MORE)

How old is Carrie Bradshaw?

Sarah Jessica Parker played the character of Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO sitcom/drama "Sex and the City". Sarah Jessica Parker is 45 years old. She was born on March 25, 1965.

Did candace and Jeremy do it?

Yes, but not until the future. Which it showed in the episode when they go back in time for the second time. Candace had kids which i recognize two of the voices. The daughter: Jennifer Stone. One of the sons: Noah Munck. I however did not recognize the other son.

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What is Candace Bushnell famous for?

Candace Bushnell is a American author and journalist from New York City. Candace Bushnell is most famous for being the author of the Sex and the City series.

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