How soon before labor do you lose your show mucus plug?

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The great mystery.. sometimes weeks before, and then the plug rebuilds itself.. sometimes days before.. sometimes not until you are ready to deliver. .it's not really a trustworthy sign of impending labor.

I've been loosing my plug for about 3 weeks now, with no labor. For some it is a sign of labor will start in 1 to 7 days, not for me! I like to think I'm in painless labor now as I'm 2 cm and 80% effaced at 39+ weeks. Enjoying the painfree progression! I LOST MINE WHILE I WAS IN LABOR I began losing a non- bloody mucous plug at around 29 weeks during all of my pregnancies. Research has enlightened me on the fact that this is common and often goes un-noticed by many women. Every woman and every loss of your mucus plug is going to be different. With my first, I lost it the night before I had her. I started to get contractions straight away. With this one, I am now 39weeks and 3days and I lost my first one 4 Fridays ago, then last Tuesday and then one yesterday. They say not to pack your bags and rush up to the hospital as soon as it happens. It's the contractions or bleeding that you worry about. If you do get worried or anything, ring the labour ward and talk to them. They do this every single day. They will put your mind at ease. I didn't lose mine until about 9 hours after my first contraction and 3 hours before my daughter was born.
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How long before labor will begin i am 34 weeks pregnant and I'm losing my mucus plug now in clumps it's clear and thick?

I know it seems like things are moving along quickly, but this is just a sign that your cervix is changing and not that labor is imminent. It is normal for women's cervices to

How soon does labor start after losing your mucus plug?

It varies with every woman. You can't necessarily estimate how long it takes. Some women can lose their mucus plug at 28 to 36 weeks and still don't go into labor for a few ot

What does it mean to lose the mucus plug?

When you are pregnant you have a mucus plug that is there to stop bacteria entering your uterus and harming the baby. As you approach your due date and your cervix thins and d

Losing mucus plug?

A sign of impending labor and delivery. have your self be evaluated.

Can you swim after losing your mucus plug?

After checking with an OB, it is safe to swim in a swimming pool after your mucus plug has come away. Once your waters break, under no circumstances should you sit/swim in an

How can you lose mucus plug?

if your looking to lose your mucus plug to start labour, this may not happen as you can lose your mucus plug as little as 26 weeks and not go into labour. i would highly not a

If a pregnant woman is 3cm and loses her mucus plug how long after will labor start?

that totally depends from person to person. Every birth and every pregnancy is different. Generally speaking though, if your waters break, your labour is a lot quicker but tha