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How soon does the HIV virus show up in the blood?

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Are you wondering when an HIV test will detect antibodies? It depends on the state that you live in and what their protocol is. From the time you become infected to the time you produce antibodies is called the "window period." This can take 3 months to 6 months. It all depends on what testing technology your state department of health uses. If you put yourself at risk anytime during the window period, you will need to be retested at the end of the 3 or 6 months to be sure that you are uninfected. If you have good insurance, or can afford it, some doctors will do what is called a PCR test. That detects the virus itself. Usually they can pick up the virus in 3 to 4 weeks. They tend to be very expensive though. A standard HIV antibody test is usually done for free through your local department of health, AIDS service organizations, family planning clinics and Planned Parenthood. There are also rapid tests available that can give you results in 20 minutes.
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Can the HIV virus show up in normal routine blood work when you have a check-up?

Not in Normal Blood Tests . No. You need to ask specifically for the HIV blood test.. Some blood tests may alert the doctor that something is wrong. HIV-infected individua

Can a full blood count test show the hiv virus?

Many people often wonder if standard blood tests will detect HIV infection. It is hard to say whether or not your doctor would order HIV testing in addition to other tests tha

Will HIV show up in a regular blood test?

no,because in HIV test,they don't check the blood.. they check the resistance of the body to HIV. no,because in HIV test,they don't check the blood.. they check the resista

Would HIV show up in routine blood work?

No HIV will not show up in routine blood work. The lab test must be specifically called out by the doctor.

What shows up on a HIV test?

The only thing that shows up on an HIV test are antibodies to HIV. But like I keep telling people, if a doctor orders a medical test for a sexually transmitted disease there

How soon will hiv antibody show up during testing?

The time between when someone is infected with the virus until the can test positive is called the "window period." This amount of time can vary depending on the sensitivity o

Will hiv show up on normal blood test?

No it will not. HIV must be specifically tested for.
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Do the HIV virus can stay in the semen or in blood only?

in my understandig the hiv virus lives only with in cell becous hiv virus is obligatory intracelular parasite so hiv may stay in the semen b/c of semen has contain small amoun

Can you get HIV in dryed up blood?

You can't get HIV from dry blood, but there are other bacterial and viral pathogens that may still be alive.