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How soon does the HIV virus show up in the blood?

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Are you wondering when an HIV test will detect antibodies? It depends on the state that you live in and what their protocol is. From the time you become infected to the time you produce antibodies is called the "window period." This can take 3 months to 6 months. It all depends on what testing technology your state department of health uses. If you put yourself at risk anytime during the window period, you will need to be retested at the end of the 3 or 6 months to be sure that you are uninfected. If you have good insurance, or can afford it, some doctors will do what is called a PCR test. That detects the virus itself. Usually they can pick up the virus in 3 to 4 weeks. They tend to be very expensive though. A standard HIV antibody test is usually done for free through your local department of health, AIDS service organizations, family planning clinics and Planned Parenthood. There are also rapid tests available that can give you results in 20 minutes.
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Does a complete blood count show virus?

No. The CBC only will show effects of a virus like high white count.

How long do you have to have HIV before it shows on a blood test?

  The incubation period for HIV can be variable, so the answer is not exact, but from what I have read the incubation can take up to 120 days. When testing for HIV(AIDS) i

Will HIV show up in a regular blood test?

  no,because in HIV test,they don't check the blood.   they check the resistance of the body to HIV   no,because in HIV test,they don't check the blood.   they ch

Would hiv show up in a standard blood test?

Yes.When the whuite blood number lower than 200 hundred this it is reasson to thing that somthing wrong tis happening in your body.

How long does it take the HIV virus to show up in your system?

About 1-6 months after contraction. Depends on rate of multiplication. A very very weak strand can take a long time to have enough virus cells to show up on a test, and a very

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  Answer     Blood tests may show that you are pregnant as little as seven days after conception. Most doctors will only do one if you have missed a period whic

How soon can chlamydia show up in urine?

it will take 2 to 3 weeks for chlamydia to show up in urine. In 1-3 weeks after contact.

Can the HIV virus show up in normal routine blood work when you have a check-up?

Not in Normal Blood Tests   No. You need to ask specifically for the HIV blood test.   Some blood tests may alert the doctor that something is wrong. HIV-infected indi

How soon will a blood test show if you are pregnant?

I called and asked my obgyn, and she said a blood test would only  be accurate two weeks after your missed period and to only do it as  a validation of a home pregnancy test