How do you burn photos from Picasa onto a DVD-R disc which will play in a DVD machine?

This is how I do it. First, you open your files which should be easy to access, but if you don't know how to, you may be able to find it here on as an answered que (MORE)
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How do you burn a Blu-ray movie?

I now use a Mac and I have google the blu-ray burn for mac,at last I found a program named leawo blu-ray creator for mac and I have download the trial to do the burning.It is (MORE)

How do you burn Blu-ray disc?

To burn your own Blu-Ray discs, you will need a Blu-Ray burner. The hardware will come with the software you need. You can try leawo blu-ray creator which is relatively chea (MORE)

How do you burn Blu-ray iso?

ImgBurn is a shareware image program that can burn ISO images. Many other current commercial burning applications, including the ones bundled with Blu-Ray burners can do this (MORE)

How can you upload photos onto facebook?

Good Day! In order to upload photos into Facebook, consider following these steps: . Log in on Facebook. . Click the "Post" box to activate it. . Click the "Upload a Photo" (MORE)