How strong are tigers?

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Tigers are the strongest big cat of all. They can take down large animals like buffalo and Asian rhinos on occasion. They have even been known to kill elephants.
There are reports of individual tigers who have performed amazing feats of strength. For example, a tiger was said to have jumped a five foot fence with a 200 pound calf in it's mouth. In another report, one tiger dragged a bison carcass 15 yards, when 13 men could not even budge it. The carcass weighed 1700 pounds. Still another report about a tiger was that it was seen breaking a bull gaur's neck by grabbing it under the throat with one paw and twisting the head around with the other.
Gaurs are formidable bovine animals with a body length of approximately ten feet, a height at the shoulder of around six feet or more and weights typically between 1500 to 2200 pounds. For one animal to attack and kill another animal of this size, its strength would be astounding.
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What are tigers?

tigers are one of the largest members of the cat family. It is a four legged animal that lives in hot wet and humid jungles as well as icy cold forests. Its beautiful orange and black markings makes it easier for the tiger to camoflouge. There are 8 kinds of tigers they are Siberian tigers(panthera (MORE)

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What are strong acids and strong bases?

Strong acids completely dissociate in water, forming H + and an anion. There are six strong acids. The others are considered to be weak acids. You should commit the strong acids to memory: . HCl - hydrochloric acid . HNO 3 - nitric acid . H 2 SO 4 - sulfuric acid . HBr - hydrobromic acid . (MORE)

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What do tigers do?

Tigers mainly eat, sleep, breath, and mate. Tigers are just another animal in the animal species.

What does a tiger do?

Tigers are one of the most powerful animals on earth. They arepretty much at the top of the food chain in their natural habitat.Tigers in the wild hunt, eat, sleep, drink, and reproduce. Theyswim and lie in shallow waters to keep cool. The males roar andmark territory. The females tend and teach the (MORE)

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Why are tigers tigers?

The word "tiger" was probably derived from the Greek word "Tigris". The Greeks possibly borrowed this word from a Persian word meaning "arrow", due to the animal's swiftness.

Are you a tiger?

No, a human being can't be a tiger, except in a costume sense. There are some furries who dress up like tigers and have Tiger personas. .

As strong as?

As strong as is a type of similie another is: as tall as or it sounds like

What is the tiger?

a tiger is a big cat with stripes. it is either black and orange or black and white. the following is a link to where you can read about tigers and view them in both colors..

How strong is tiger snake venom?

tiger snakes are the most venimous snake on earth and if you are bitten by one there is no cure so the inevitabilaty is that you wiil die

How strong is a Tasmanian tiger?

In common with the other predatory marsupials, the thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, had a very powerful bite with respect to its body size. Among mammals, only two others, both marsupials, are more powerful: the Tasmanian devil (Sarcophillis harrisii) and the quoll (Dasyurus maculata). The thylacine i (MORE)

Where are the tigers?

Tigers are usually found in India or china, mostly tigers are found in Asian country's.

How strong is a Bengal tiger?

Very Strong.. Additional Information: The size of the Bengal Tiger, along with their build and structure has been designed by their environment, selecting various traits that increase the survival rate of the species as a whole. They are noted for being able to drag something five times their own w (MORE)

How strong is a tiger?

Tigers are the strongest of the cats, it actually is the ruler of the predators on land. could compare the strenght of 10 fullgrown men approximately.

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The strength of an acid depends on the concentration of hydronium ions the acid produces when dissolved in the water. Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is a strong acid because HCl completely dissolves into H+ and Cl- ions in water. This means that every molecule of HCl that dissolves produces one hydronium i (MORE)

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strong acids dissociate completely into ions in water. i.e. HCl dissociates into H+ and Cl- ions. Weak acids only dissociate partially, therefore they are in an equilibrium state where there is some acid remaining and some ions in solution.

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Strong acids and bases are said to be strong because they dissociate in water completely or close to completely. This ability to dissociate almost completely allows for a higher concentration of the active ions in Acid and Base interactions, the H + and OH - ions. For example, if one were to pu (MORE)

Where can you get a tiger?

Any zoo will be happy to discuss private ownership, provided you can obtain proper licensing and provide for a healthy environment. There are many rich people that have ultimately sacrificed their children to a wild animal just because their child wanted to own a tiger. In one instance, the young (MORE)

Is a Sumatran tiger strong?

Yes. Although the smallest tiger subspecies, they are immensly powerful, able to kill animals as big as buffalo.

How strong is a Siberian tiger?

Siberian or Amur tigers are immensely strong. In fact, for absolute muscular strength, the tiger is the strongest land animal on Earth. One Bengal tiger dragged a 3,300 pound gaur carcass for a quarter of a mile, and another dragged a fully grown cow for four miles. Bengal tigers are not as big or a (MORE)

Are strong bases strong electrolytes?

In water there is only one strong base: hydroxide (OH - ). But only the dissolvable hydoxides (of alkali metals: NaOH, KOH etc.) are strong electrolytes.

What is strong about strong acid?

Strong acids are referred to as such because they ionize completely in water, forming hydronium ions and the conjugate base of the acid. On the other hand, weak acids only ionize partially, and usually remaining as whole acid molecules.

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Don't know really what you mean, but if you're talking muscle wise, the back muscles and leg muscles are usually the strongest.

What is strong acid and strong base?

To find out the strength of the pH scale. You measure Acids 0-6. 0 would be the strongest and 6 would be the weakest. 7 is neutral. You measure Base 8-14. 14 would be the strongest and 8 would be the weakest. Hope this helps!=D. A strong acid completely dissociates in solution creating Hydronium (H (MORE)

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Strong Safety is not called "Strong Safety" because of your strength. It is called that because of the strong side of the field. (the side with more Wide Outs, RB's, or Ends)

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well yes there strong be cause if a boa constrictor kills thereprays by squeezing them then other snakes are strong as well

Is Aggron strong?

Yes, Aggron is very strong indeed its a 3rd evolution and its worthit having in your team!

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they are both powerful today, but china is a bit more powerful because it has a betetr economy, education system, and more influence in the world.

Where can you get Tigers?

Any zoo will be happy to discuss private ownership, provided you can obtain proper licensing and provide for a healthy environment. There are many rich people that have ultimately sacrificed their children to a wild animal just because their child wanted to own a tiger. In one instance, the young (MORE)

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If you lived in a higher gravity for a period of time, you would gain strength, since moving would require more exertion, and you would get more exercise.

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It depends. This is a matter of comparing apples and oranges. A strong body is best for getting you out of situations where fighting or strength is required. A strong mind will help you avoid many temptations and not get into situations where physical strength is required in the first place. You cou (MORE)

Is white lion strong or white tiger?

It being White makes no difference but a tiger will win a lion as lions are weaker and slower to react. Tigers also have more experience in fighting than most lions.

Is saber-toothed tiger strong or lion?

Based on fossil evidence, Smilodon (the saber toothed cat) probably had the edge over the modern lion, by weight alone, let alone those fangs. But Smilodon has been extinct for 15,000 year, making the question sonmewhat moot.

How strong is the Siberian tiger?

Tigers are the strongest of all cats, and are capable of amazing feats of strength. One bengal tiger drug a dead buffalo weghing 1700 pounds into a swamp, 13 men could not pull it free. Another tiger pulled a nearly grown elephant to its knees. As Siberians are slighty larger than Bengal tigers, it (MORE)

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A strong nuclear force is as strong as 10^38 relative strength. It is the strongest of the four basic forces of nature, but also the shortest in its reach.

How to be strong?

Nobody can teach you that. You have to learn on your own.Nobody can teach you that. You have to learn it on your own.