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According to the official Kennel Club Breed Standard, Siberian Huskies should grow to between 20 and 23.5 inches at the shoulder.
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Siberian husky how tall should a fence be?

It really depends on how tall and old your Siberian Husky is. If she is under 1 or 2 yrs, then the fence should be about maybe 5 ft. If she is 3+ yrs, then it should probably

How tall do huskies get?

Huskies are generally 20-23 inches tall for a male and 19-23 inches tall for a female

Is a samoyed a husky?

No, a Samoyed is NOT a husky. They are two distinct breeds, though both originate in Siberia. Samoyeds a very ancient breed, and are white, cream, or biscuit, with dark brown

How tall to full grown Siberian huskies get?

Purebred Siberian huskies only reach a height of 60 cm at the shoulders in males and 2 cm shorter than this in females. 21-23inches tall at the withers. Sources- im a owner

How big can a husky get?

Huskies are a medium size canine. There fur is thick making them look like a larger type but such is not the case. They do, however, possess stronger hereditary DNA than most

How tall is a husky?

A husky is about 36 to 45 inches tall depending on the gender and size.

What can huskies do?

Huskies were bred to pull sleighs across the Antarctic full of goods and people. They can run for up to 14 hours a day in sub-zero temperatures. This is an amazing breed with

Which is bigger a husky or a Siberian husky?

The term Husky is a shortened version of Siberian Husky, so this is the same breed. Huskies can vary in size considerably, but usually range between 20 and 23.5 inches at the

Are huskies cute?

Definitel < dont listen to that huskies are cute because they have fluffy fur cute barking likes walks , cute , sometimes tamed , have cute puppys , pertty fur.