How tall is Santa Claus?

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Santa Claus is 4 feet 3 inches. Santa just looks taller because he is surrounded by elves, giving the impression of massive height. Santa cannot be tall due to all the stooping and chimney falling he does. It would not be physically plausible if he was tall, his back and knees would give out, and without medical, Santa could be disabled.
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Is Santa Claus a real person?

yes i think if you believe in him he is real only or you and the other kids .....but if you dont believe in santa he wont be real for you and other kids who dont.

What is Santa Claus?

santa is a person who comes in your house and gives chirstans things but if you are bad he gives you cole....I LOVE HIM!

How did Santa Claus start?

Some people think there was a Christian Saint Nicholas and he became St. Nick, to Santa Claus. This Saint Nicholas gave presents out to people, and gave them present from his heart, such as love or joy. He still gives out presents on Christmas to this day.

How did Santa Claus come about?

Saint Nicholas lived from approximately 280 AD to 350 AD. He lived in what is modern day Turkey, and he gave gifts of gold to young unmarried girls who otherwise could not afford a dowry. The modern interpretation of Santa Clause comes from the Dutch (the pronunciation in Dutch is roughly San Nic (MORE)

Has anyone seen Santa Claus?

If there was a sighting, someone would report it. So no, no reported sightings. (But there are so many people dressed like him, how would you know if you saw him?)

Who and why and where is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus is the modern name for St. Nicholas, a bishop from the fourth century. He was from a devout Christian family in Patara, a village in Greece, now part of Turkey. His parents died while he was young and he took Jesus' words about "sell what you own and give the money to the poor" which in (MORE)

Santa Claus where from?

His traditional base of operations is the North Pole, which is latitude 90. By an odd coincidence, the Christmas star seen by the Magi was out of the East ( Compass direction 90-00-00 and at elevation 90-00-00 That is, directly overhead! On a modern Theodolite the coordinates for the Bethlehem Chris (MORE)

Is it Santa Clause or Santa Claus?

"Santa Claus" The movies "Santa Clause" were a play on the word "clause", which is to do with the details of a contract (as seen in the movies). Either way, Santa Claus is a corruption of Santa Nicolaus, i.e. Saint Nicholas.

Who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus -- Harmless toymaker or Pagan fertility god ? You decide! . According to Who2 Biography, Santa Claus is "the mythical figure who delivers toys to children around the world each year on Christmas Eve..." However, there's no shortage of debate on the origin of Santa. To read more (MORE)

Do Japan call Santa Claus Santa Claus?

The House of the Rising Sun is a Buddhist country, mainly- there are different sects such as Zen, etc. - and not a Christian Country- therefore- no Santa- San. Answer#2: There are some Christians in Japan and they would call him Santa Claus.

Who played Santa in Santa Claus?

A fine example of a trick question! a Movie called Santa Claus was made sometime in the late fifties and perennially rerun- in the Yule season, ho ho ho! It was heavily advertised on Television, Radio and newspapers. The ads came on with a blitz- Santa Claus- everyone is waiting to see Santa Claus! (MORE)

Is there a pupet that helps Santa Claus?

Santa isn't real. So no. Think about it; nobody's perfect. So there is no 'good' kids. Nobody can be perfect for 365 days, and no reindeer can fly. So, even if you are a brat all year, you'll still get gifts from your PARENTS because they are SANTA!

Did Santa Claus go to college?

Well... seeing as how Santa Clause was born before the era of college, he himself did not attend! However, Santa is a huge advocate of the educational institutions and brings bigger and better gifts to all those that are enrolled!. Santa isn't real .

What if there really is a Santa Claus?

Very sorry to break it to you, but Santa does not exist. The north pole is way too cold for anyone to live there, and even if you do get "presents from Santa", it's most likely your parents that put it there and say it's Santa. But hey, kids won't stop believing. :)

Why is Santa Claus important to us?

Because he cares about us and gives us presents.And when you do'nt believe in him his heart herts.he loves us just as much as god does. He is very important. Love Kelly,

Does Santa Claus exist?

Although his legends are loosely based on the historical St. Nicholas, Santa Claus does exist, as famously stated by The New York Sun newspaper, on September 21, 1897. (see related link) --- Santa Claus is a character that symbolizes happiness and joy in the Christmas season. He is a role model (MORE)

Does Santa Claus read WikiAnswers?

No, he doesn't. What child would want to know that? Santa is always busy busy busy with Christmas presents to celebrate the birth of jesus.

Why Santa Claus is boy?

Well, Santa (St. Nick) was born a boy and grew to be a man. Once he was grown-up, he saw how many children needed to know about "a giving heart" and St. Nick decided he would show by example. Santa Claus is magical, because giving is magical.

Is Santa Claus a joke?

Yes, I am very sorry to say this but Santa Claus is a fat joll old lie! It's something parents tell their kid to make Christmas more enjoyable! Sorry xx Santa Claus represents the spirit of Christmas that is very real & many people play the role to make it happen for the benefit of others.

How do you start a letter to Santa Claus?

I think to write a letter is saying to Santa is 'Dear Santa Claus', or to Saint Nick. Then say really happy notes to Santa Claus that Santa Claus becomes happy. Then write a closing and then your signature. -------------- If you want to send a letter to him, there's a way on the related "Santa (MORE)

How strong is Santa Claus?

Well, it depends on whether he is using magic or not. If he usesmagic, he can be as strong as he wants, but without magic he is notvery strong.

How do you get into the Santa Claus parade?

The only thing I can think of is A. the Eaton Santa Claus parade- which is held in Canada on the US Thanksgiving day. I do not know if it still exists. There is definitely a parade-type attraction called the Klausjagen (Claus-Hunt) which is celebrated on December 6 in Switzerland. It honors St. Nich (MORE)

Can you call Santa Claus?

Yes at, you just pick what you want Santa to say and he calls in one second. The best part is it is FREE!

How did Santa Claus start out?

Santa Claus started out poor, with a dream to help people, andeventually worked hard and was able to make a difference inpeople's lives.

What is about Santa Claus?

Santa claus maybe real or maybe not its not actually bad if you'll believe him.about santa he can be real cause a years ago there is st nicholas who was giving gifts to many children st.nicholas,actually he has a short beard and slim not like santa.St. nicholas is the patron saint of students,childr (MORE)

What did Ms Claus call Santa Claus?

The real Saint Nikolas was in the Netherlands. His wife would have called him Nikolas or in her own language possibly an endearing term like dear, husband, Nick or sweetie.

Who played Santa Claus in Santa Claus Conquers the Martians?

For some odd reason, Santa Claus is one character that in a very real sense acts anonymously. The movie called Santa Claus- no mention of Martians, was heavily advertised on TV well into the seventies, having been made in the Fifties or sixties a judged from the style of the ad. The ads made no ment (MORE)

Why is Santa Claus not san Claus?

because it wouldn't sound right especially for the little kids like me Santa Claus is the best name he could have and if you have a problem sorry and it is also easier to pronounce Santa Claus

Do they have a Santa Claus?

I am 10 years old, and today I just found out that all the magicalcreatures our parents tell us are real and we believe, are not.Yesterday I had doubts about the tooth fairy after my friend toldme her mom said it was fake and that she was the tooth fairy. IPulled a tooth and didn't tell my mom for p (MORE)

Is Santa Claus or Santa Clause correct?

Santa Claus is the name popularly given to the man whochildren believe delivers toys on Christmas Eve. The Santa Clause is the name of a series of moviesstarring Tim Allen. The word "clause" means part of a legalcontract, and is in the films' titles as a play on words becauseAllen's character (MORE)

Are there Santa Claus?

No santa cluas is not real it is a made up guy in christmas yourparents buy your presents and you think santa cluas droped thepresents for you! but no !How cuold he go to every countery inevery in night in crhsytmas how can he to that so that mean is isfack a made up man for kids that man has a big (MORE)